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Globalisation, ICT and Developing Nations

Globalisation, ICT and Developing Nations
Challenges in the Information Age

First Edition
  • Sumit Roy - Visiting Senior Research Fellow, School of International Relations and Strategic Studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata/Calcutta, India

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245 pages | SAGE India
This comparative study of the political economies of East and South Asia and Africa offers new analytical and policy insights into the links between globalization and information and communication technology (ICT).

The author explores the replacement of state institutions by non-state ones; analyzes the prospects of developing regions sharing the gains of globalization; and explains the relationship between new technology and development. He also demonstrates how new ICT policies can pave the way for innovations, increased production and rapid diffusions of ideas in technology.

Key features of Globalisation, ICT and Developing Nations are:

- it discusses the concepts and policies underscoring the shift from state to non-state institutions in furthering the impetus of globalisation and also its implications for development;

- it explores the scope of different developing regions to participate in globalisation based on camparision of their experiences of growth and development.

- it explores the ways in which policies on ICT can be both a challenge and a unique opportunity for paving the way to for development.

Sumit Roy is Senior Visiting Fellow at the Department of Economics, City University, London.

Globalization, International Political Economy and Structural Change
Globalization, Information and Communication Technology and Development

"Roy provides a comprehensive study of the political economies of East and South Asia (particularly India) and Africa which enables new analytical and policy insights into the linkages between globalization and ICT. His book has an original approach and fresh analytical and policy insights, is cogent and well argued, therefore will be of interest to students and teachers of globalization, economics, new media, development studies, politics, and international relations."


Business India

"The book gives conceptual insights into the complexities concerning globalization formed by international relations-realism, liberalism and structuralism.The volume with its new approach and fresh analytical and policy insights will be helpful manual to scholars interested in globalization and international relations. Copious notes and references at the end of each chapter add to its usefulness. The work addresses a wide range of readers, researchers, the media and those concerned with international political economy and development."


Bharti Chhibber
World Affairs

Sumit Roy

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