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Global Talent Management

Global Talent Management
An Integrated Approach

First Edition
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November 2019 | 296 pages | SAGE Texts
A holistic overview of key global talent management perspectives, which determine the inter-linked nature of individuals as global talent, organisations as hubs for global talent and policies across sectors and industries

This textbook discusses the current organisational approaches to the attraction, development and retention of global talent, and encourages critical reflection of how global talent management is affected by policy, society and the economy. The authors draw on interdisciplinary fields, practical insights from global employers and wide-ranging case studies to help students grasp the complexities of this evolving field. 

Going beyond organisations and their relationship with the emergent disciplines, the book highlights the need to develop the ‘self’ as a global talent, develop competencies and attributes to become future-ready in a fast-paced and highly competitive global labour market.

Key Features:

• International, cross-disciplinary and cross-industry approach through the use of contemporary cases as illustrative examples

• Insights for students on how to confidently navigate through a range of cultural, generational and technological disruptions

• Content closely considers current agendas such as the global talent mismatch, demographic disruptions and the role of global talent in shaping cities, regions, economies and societies
Part 1: Individuals as Global Talent
Developing Mindsets, Heartsets and Skillsets
Job Seekers and Job Creators
Understanding the Cross-Cultural and Multi-Generational Workforce
Thriving in the 4IR: Workplace Automation and Artificial Intelligence
Part 2: Organisations as Hubs for Global Talent
Organisational Foundations for Global Talent
Attraction, Development and Retention of Global Talent
Performance, Productivity and Analytics in Global Talent Management
Part 3: Global Talent Policy Perspectives
Demographic Disruptions (Re)shaping the Global Talent Landscape
Economic Competitiveness and the Role of Global Talent
The Role of Global Talent in Shaping Cities, Regions and Economies
The Global Talent Mismatch and the Role of Education


Companion Website
Companion Website

Sonal Minocha

Sonal Minocha is Chief Partnerships Officer and Professor of Management at Nexford University. Prior to this she was Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean at leading UK Universities. Her main career focus has been on building innovative approaches to university internationalisation and fusing ‘whole person development’ and employability into the learning paradigm. More About Author

Dean Hristov

Dean Hristov is former Global Talent Research Analyst at Bournemouth University, United Kingdom. In this role he has worked as a key member of the cross institutional global team in the development and delivery of key international projects. As an established post-doctoral researcher, in this role Dean produced a number of research outputs related to student development and graduate employability, comprehensive approaches to university internationalisation and so forth. Dean was a key member of the University’s flagship, award winning student development programme—the Global Talent Programme. Dean holds a PhD in distributed leadership and... More About Author

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