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Global Problems, Global Solutions

Global Problems, Global Solutions
Prospects for a Better World

Second Edition
  • JoAnn Chirico - The Pennsylvania State University, University College

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Social Problems

March 2024 | 832 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Global Problems, Global Solutions: Prospects for a Better World approaches social problems from a global perspective with an emphasis on using one’s sociological imagination. Perfect for instructors who involve students in research, this text connects problems borne by individuals to regional, global and historical forces, and stresses the importance of evidence in forming opinions and policies addressing social issues. The Second Edition explores three broad themes--nourishing human capital, restoring civility, and sustaining natural and manufactured environments--as it examines the causes and consequences of a range of problems related to economic inequality, discrimination and persecution, war and violence, food production, population flows, health and longevity, the environment, and other issues that we encounter in our lives. The book concludes with a chapter on politics and government, underscoring the need for good governance at all levels–and cooperation among many layers of government–to build a better world.

1: Private Troubles and Social Problems: Developing a Sociological Imagination
2: Socioeconomic Fault Lines: Inequality, Poverty, and Development
3: Starving in the Shadow of Plenty
4: Optimizing Human Capital: Good Health
5: Expanding Horizons Through Lifelong Learning
6: From Difference to Discrimination: Fault Lines of Race, Ethnicity, and Religion
7: You Can’t Empower Us With Chickens: Gender Through the Lifespan
8: When Life Becomes a Commodity: Human and Wildlife Trafficking
9: Transnational Property Crimes
10: The Challenge of Political Violence
11: Global Flows of Refugees
12: Destruction and Depletion of the Natural Environment
13: Climate Change and Global Warming
14: Urbanization: The Lure of the Cities
15: A World Gone Awry? The State of Governance

"This is a very well-written book that's excellent for the Social Problems course."

Malcolm Cort
Athens State University

JoAnn A. Chirico

 JoAnn Chirico, emerita, received her Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Pittsburgh.While originally a doctoral candidate in education, she found that sociology provided the theoreticaltools to analyze the problems she investigated—the coincidence of the global rise ofboth progressive and fundamentalist movements in education, religion, and other dimensions ofsocial life. Intrigued by Emile Durkheim’s pronouncement that individual differentiation wouldproceed to such an extent that all we ultimately would have in common was our humanity, shebegan her study of globalization—the integration of humanity into a social order.Most of... More About Author

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