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Global Nature, Global Culture

Global Nature, Global Culture

First Edition

September 2000 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Understandings of globalization have been little explored in relation to gender or related concerns such as identity, subjectivity and the body. This book contrasts `the natural' and `the global' as interpretive strategies, using approaches from feminist cultural theory. The book begins by introducing the central themes: ideas of the natural; questions of scale and context posed by globalization and their relation to forms of cultural production; the transformation of genealogy; and the emergence of interest in definitions of life and life forms. The authors explores these questions through a number of case studies including Benneton advertising, Jurassic Park, The Body Shop, British Airways, Monsanto and Dolly the Sheep. In order to respecify the `nature, culture and gender' concerns of two decades of feminist theory, this highly original book reflects, hypothesizes and develops new interpretive possibilities within established feminist analytical frames.
Spheres of Life
Imprints of Time
Units of Genealogy
Jackie Stacey
The Global Within
Consuming Nature, Embodying Health

Celia Lury
The United Colors of Diversity
Essential and Inessential Culture

Sarah Franklin
Life Itself
Global Nature and the Genetic Imaginary


`An excellent book. The authors have the rare capacity to handle popular culture and case studies in a theoretically informed manner. Original and well researched' - Mike Featherstone, Nottingham Trent University

Sarah Franklin

Celia Lury

For a long time I have had two main areas of research interest: sociology of culture and feminist theory.... More About Author

Jackie Stacey

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