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Global Issues 2021 Edition

Global Issues 2021 Edition
Selections from CQ Researcher

2021 Edition
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September 2020 | 448 pages | CQ Press
Written by award-winning CQ Researcher journalists, this collection of non-partisan reports offers an in-depth examination of today’s most pressing global issues. With reports ranging from preparation for global pandemics, protest movements around the world, and environmental degradation, the 2021 Edition of Global Issues promotes in-depth discussion, facilitates further research, and helps readers formulate their own positions on crucial global issues. And because it’s CQ Researcher, the reports are expertly researched and written, presenting readers with all sides of an issue.

Key Features     

  • Chapters follow a consistent organization, beginning with a summary of the issue, then exploring a number of key questions around the issue, next offering background to put the issue into current context, and concluding with a look ahead.          
  • A pro/con debate box in every chapter offers readers the opportunity to critically analyze and discuss the issues by exploring a debate between two experts in the field.         
  • All issues include a chronology, a bibliography, photos, charts, and figures to offer readers a more complete picture of the issue at hand.
Annotated Contents
1. U.S.-Iran Relations
2. Measles Resurgence
3. The New Arms Race
4. Cyberwarfare
5. Zoonotic Diseases
6. European Union at a Crossroads
7. U.S. Foreign Policy in Transition
8. China’s Belt and Road Initiative
9. Hidden Money
10. Supply Chains at Risk
11. Global Migration
12. Global Protest Movements
13. Christians in the Mideast
14. Extreme Weather
15. Climate Change and Health
16. Fuel Efficiency Standards

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