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Global Forces and Local Life-Worlds

Global Forces and Local Life-Worlds
Social Transformations

Edited by:
  • Ulrike Schuerkens - Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, Université Rennes 2, France

256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
How are global forces impacting on local lifestyles? Where does the personal stand in relation to globalization? Global Forces and Local Life-Worlds explores these questions using a mixture of sociological and anthropological analysis and case study methods. Demonstrating the tensions between retaining cultural integrity in the face of the levelling processes associated with modernity, this book: locates the problems of globalization and localization in the appropriate anthropological and sociological dimensions; examines the relationship between culture and identity; and explores the varieties of modernity.
Willfried Spohn
Ulrike Schuerkens
Social Transformations Between Global Forces and Local Life-Worlds

Ulrike Schuerkens
The Sociological and Anthropological Study of Globalization and Localization
Lauren Langman
Culture, Identity, and Hegemony
The Body in a Global Age

Helmuth Berking
`Ethnicity is Everywhere'
On Globalization and the Transformation of Cultural Identity

Willfried Spohn
Multiple Modernity, Nationalism and Religion - A Global Perspective
Ulrike Schuerkens
Structural Change in Western Africa as a Legacy of European Colonialism
The Labour System in Ghana and the Ivory Coast

Shalini Randeria
Glocalization of Law
Environmental Justice, World Bank, NGOs and the Cunning State in India

Christine M[um]uller
Knowledge between Globalization and Localization
The Dynamics of Female Spaces in Ghana

Eric Popkin
Transnational Migration and Development in Postwar Peripheral States
An Examination of Guatemalan and Salvadoran State Linkages with their Migrant Populations in Los Angeles

Nina Bandelj
Particularizing the Global
Reception of Foreign Direct Investment in Slovenia

Marina Padr[ti}ao Temudo and Ulrich Schiefer
Disintegration and Resilience of Agrarian Societies in Africa - the Importance of Social and Genetic Resources
A Case Study on the Reception of Urban War Refugees in the South of Guinea-Bissau

Johanna Schmidt
Paradise Lost? Social Change and Fa'afafine in Samoa
George Morgan
Autochthonous Australian Syncretism

Ulrike Schuerkens

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