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Getting Ready for Court

Getting Ready for Court
Civil Court Edition: A Book For Children

July 2012 | 32 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A counterpart to the Getting Ready for Court - Criminal Court Edition workbook (SAGE 2000) this child-friendly book is a first step in helping prepare primary aged children to testify in civil cases involving abuse.
Introduction for Parents
What Is Court and Why Am I Here?
Who Are All the People in Court?
What Will Happen to Me in Court?
What Will I Be Asked in Court?
What Will Happen When I Am Done with Court?
Will I Find Out What Happens after Court?
Will You Say This All One More Time?
In My Court

Lynn M. Copen

Sheila Martin

Linda M. Pucci

Several years ago I made some huge life changes. Although I was successful as a psychologist and owner of a mental health/alcohol and drug treatment clinic, my life was out of balance. I worked hard to build the business and to help others heal, but I didn’t pay attention to myself. I found that I was alienated from myself and from those I cared about the most. I found myself thinking about the future, and I realized that I was postponing living for being successful. I decided to make changes.... More About Author

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ISBN: 9780761921851

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