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Get Your Next Promotion

Get Your Next Promotion

August 2020 | SAGE Response
Seeking your next promotion but not quite there yet? Rising up in your career shouldn’t be left to chance. 

Get Your Next Promotion makes you understand why some people get promoted while some get stuck. 
There are a few things that stop professionals from growing beyond mid-level management. Here is a chance to understand the problems and the challenges that you may have been facing and why your current efforts may no longer lead you to your next promotion. 

Each person must find their own path up to the mountain peak, yet to complete the feat successfully, they still need the same universal strengths, skills and tools. One may favour certain strengths or tools over the others but missing on some may lead to failure. Similarly, while there cannot be a single formula for progressing up the career path, this book reveals the universal abilities that all must possess to become great leaders through ten intriguing stories. Each story focuses on a specific facet of your next promotion while tracing the career of a leader who used it effectively.

The book helps you understand what you need to do, why you need to do it and how you can do it. And well, if you have not started already, you may be getting late! 

So grab your copy and get ready for your next promotion!
Foreword by John Mattone
Promotions Are an Integral Part of Work
The Plateau
Goal Setting
Horizontal Growth
Impact beyond Boundaries
Relationships that Matter
Conversations that Matter
Creating Visibility and Personal Branding
Continuing Learning and Development
It Is Okay to Ask
Diversity and Cultural Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
Five Blind Spots that May Hold You Back
The Unwritten Rules of Promotion

Getting promoted is a major milestone in one’s career. That’s why Manbir Kaur’s book Get Your Next Promotion is so critical. It breaks down exactly what you need to know to think strategically about your career and accelerate your success. Add it to your must-read list.

Andrew Neitlich,
Director, Center for Executive Coaching, USA

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