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Genes & Cancer: MYC: A Far-Reaching Cancer Gene

Genes & Cancer: MYC: A Far-Reaching Cancer Gene
Volume 1, Issue 6; June 2010

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SAGE Publications, Inc

As one of the first oncogenes identified, Myc has enjoyed an illustrious history. In reflection of 30 years of research and in excess of 20,000 published articles, two major themes emerge. First, the fine-tuned regulation and numerous activities of Myc in normal cells are unparalleled and a beauty to behold. Second, when this regulation is lost, Myc rears its beastly head and takes the role of one of the most prominent and intriguing of oncoproteins. (From Myc: The Beauty and the Beast by Amanda R. Wasylishen and Linda Z. Penn in Genes & Cancer Vol 1 No 6, 2010.)

MYC—A Far-Reaching Cancer Gene edited by Dr. Chi Van Dang at Johns Hopkins is a truly outstanding compilation of comprehensive reviews ("Monographs") that addresses the myriad roles of this very important oncogene in growth, development, metabolism, and cancer. As Dr. Dang states in his introductory remarks, "This special issue captures the excitement that is associated with MYC-mediated tumorigenesis through reviews that span a timeline of MYC research including a fundamental understanding of how the MYC gene itself is regulated, the study of Myc in model organisms, Myc function, and target genes to translational research in search of new therapeutic modalities for the treatment of cancer."

Chi V. Dang
Enigmatic MYC Conducts an Unfolding Systems Biology Symphony
Amanda R. Wasylishen and Linda Z. Penn
Myc: The Beauty and the Beast
Paola Bellosta and Peter Gallant
Myc Function in Drosophila
David Levens
“You Don’t Muck with MYC”
Chiara Grisanzio and Matthew L. Freedman
Chromosome 8q24–Associated Cancers and MYC
Steven B. McMahon
Emerging Concepts in the Analysis of Transcriptional Targets of the MYC Oncoprotein: Are the Targets Targetable?
Thi V. Bui and Joshua T. Mendell
Myc: Maestro of MicroRNAs
Victoria H. Cowling and Michael D. Cole
Myc Regulation of mRNA Cap Methylation
Barbara Herkert and Martin Eilers
Transcriptional Repression: The Dark Side of Myc
Elizabeth J. Sloan and Donald E. Ayer
Myc, Mondo, and Metabolism
Dean W. Felsher
MYC Inactivation Elicits Oncogene Addiction through Both Tumor Cell–Intrinsic and Host-Dependent Mechanisms
M. Dolores Delgado and Javier León
Myc Roles in Hematopoiesis and Leukemia
Cheryl M. Koh, Charles J. Bieberich, Chi V. Dang, William G. Nelson, Srinivasan Yegnasubramanian, and Angelo M. De Marzo
Myc and Prostate Cancer
Jinhua Xu, Yinghua Chen, and Olufunmilayo I. Olopade
MYC and Breast Cancer
Tracy A. Brooks and Laurence H. Hurley
Targeting MYC Expression through G-Quadruplexes
Edward V. Prochownik and Peter K. Vogt
Therapeutic Targeting of Myc
Anna Frenzel, Jakob Lovén, and Marie Arsenian Henriksson
Targeting MYC-Regulated miRNAs to Combat Cancer
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Chi Van Dang