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Gender in Communication

Gender in Communication
A Critical Introduction

Second Edition
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September 2013 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Examining the variety of ways in which communication of and about gender enables and constrains people’s identities.

This student focused book demonstrates how communication constitutes gender, rather than presenting gender as an influence on communication. Operating from an intersectional gender diversity perspective, they show how a focus on gender/sex alone omits the richness of diverse gendered lives.

In addition, they explore how gender is constructed through interpersonal and public discourse in, about, and by the social institutions of family, education, work, religion, and media.

Throughout the book, readers are equipped with critical analysis tools they can use to form their own conclusions about the ever-changing processes of gender in communication.
1. Developing a Critical Gender/Sex Lens
2. Theories of Gender/Sex
3. Gendered/Sexed Voices
4. Gendered/Sexed Bodies
5. Gendered/Sexed Language
6. An Introduction to Gender in Social Institutions
7. Families
8. Education
9. Work
10. Religion
11. Media
12. One Last Look Through a Critical Gendered Lens


Companion Website
Instructor Resources contain a detailed conceptual outline of every chapter, discussion questions, PowerPoint slides, extended quotations from key sources for the chapter, additional exercises, and scholarly resources to be used as in-class illustrations, a complete list of key theorists for ever chapter, min-lectures to utilize in class, and video and web resources.

innovative approach to communication creating gendered interpretations, accessible language for students

Miss Lynda Juliet Fitzwater
Interdiscipline , University for the Creative Arts
June 3, 2016

Presented information in a accessible way. Also appreciated the critical approach the text offered.

Dr Nickesia Gordon
Communications , Barry University
April 7, 2016

Great and concise intro.

Miss Sabine Reich
Media and Communication Studies, University of Mannheim
July 7, 2015

Essential for students of cross-cultural management and leadership looking to fully understand gender, equality and its barriers from a research perspective.

Dr Diepiriye Kuku-Siemons
Northampton Business School, Northampton University
June 29, 2015

Looking for something more neutral and unbiased.

Professor Amy Samuel
Allied Health, University Of Alaska
April 6, 2015

An essential read for those who are interested in gender studies. The book covers a broad range of issues within various society structures that regulate gender production. It draws on contemporary examples and research to illustrate the arguments. The book would be extremely valuable for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students throughout variety so subjects

Ms Irena Loveikaite
Department of Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
December 18, 2014

An extremely useful text for students of Counselling psychology. An insightful approach to gender and to communication and for that reason an absolute must.

Dr Lyndsey Moon
Department of Psychology, Roehampton Univ.
June 2, 2014

Due to the convincing thematic structuring, this book with all its well-informed and (even more importantly for teaching contexts) well-informing book will certainly be a vivid source for lectures on gender. Thanks to the many examples from "real life", this book will be a treasure for many of my seminars on different subjects, whenever gender is a topic! And I will highly recommend it to students writing papers and theses.

Ms Roswitha Kersten-Pejanic
Department of Slavic studies, Humboldt University of Berlin
February 11, 2014

This book is divided into two: Foundations and Institutions. The Foundations section is right up to date, but also provides a comprehensive review of the various understandings of language and gender as they've shifted over time. The Institutions section covers five specific areas, including the family and the media. It's clearly written and is accessible. The discussion questions are really useful. This will be a new core text for my postgrad module on Language and Gender.

Dr Sally Hunt
Linguistics , Rhodes University
January 22, 2014

This book covers a really important subject and has explored the issues in a detailed yet concise manner that students will find useful

Mr Baljeet Gill
Youth and Community, Ruskin College Oxford
December 11, 2013

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Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco

Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco, PhD, is a professor of communication studies and affiliate faculty in women’s and gender studies at the University of Northern Iowa. She studies and teaches courses in gender, intercultural, and interpersonal communication. Victoria is married and has stepchildren and grandchildren who call her Nana and remind her every day why she wrote this book. More About Author

Catherine Helen Palczewski

Catherine Helen Palczewski, Ph.D., is a Professor of Communication Studies, past Director of Debate, and affiliate faculty in Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Northern Iowa. She teaches courses in the rhetoric of social protest, argumentation, gender, and political communication. She is a past editor of Argumentation and Advocacy and director of the 2013 AFA/NCA Biennial Conference on Argumentation held in Alta, Utah. More About Author

Danielle Dick McGeough

Danielle Dick McGeough, PhD, is an assistant professor of communication studies and affiliate faculty in women’s and gender studies at the University of Northern Iowa. Her teaching and research interests explore how performance is and can be used for collaborative problem solving, community building, and social justice work. Her father taught her compassion, and her mom taught her to believe in people’s ability to change. More About Author

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