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Gender and Sexuality

Gender and Sexuality
Critical Theories, Critical Thinkers

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Sexualities | Sociology of Gender

April 2005 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This accessible introduction to gender and sexuality theory offers a comprehensive overview and critique of the key contemporary literature and debates in feminism, sexuality studies and men's studies.

Chris Beasley's clear and concise introduction combines a wide-ranging survey of the major theorists and key concepts in an ever-growing and often passionately debated field.

The book contextualizes a wide range of feminist perspectives, including: modernist, liberal, postmodern, queer and gender difference feminism; and in the realm of sexuality studies covers modernist liberationism, social constructionism, transgender theorising and queer theory. In men's studies, Chris Beasley examines areas of debate ranging from gender and masculinity to questions of race, ethnicity, imperialism and gay masculinities. Interconnections between the subfields are highlighted, and Beasley considers the implications of body theory for all three.

Key theorists covered include:

Altman· Brod· Butler · Califia· Carbado· Connell· Dowsett ·Grosz· Halberstam· Hook · Jackson· Jagose· Nussbaum· Rich· Seidman· Spivak· Stoltenberg· Weeks· Whittle· Wolf· Wollstonecraft

The only book of its kind to draw together all the important strands of gender analysis, Gender and Sexuality is a timely and impressive overview that is invaluable to students and academics taking courses on gender and feminist theory, sexuality and masculinity.

Gender and Feminism
An Overview

Modernist Emancipatory Feminism
Liberal Feminism-Wollstonecraft to Wolf

Liberal Feminism: Nussbaum
Gender Difference Feminism
`Women-centred' Identity Politics to Sexual Difference-Rich to Grosz

Postmodern Psychoanalytic Feminism
Sexual Difference

Feminism and `Race'/Ethnicity/Imperialism (REI)- Hooks to Spivak

REI Feminism

Postmodern Feminism

Queering Gender/Queer Feminism
Butler, Whittle

Sexuality Studies
An Overview

Modernist Liberationism

Social Constructionism
Jackson, Weeks

Social Constructionism

Transgender Theorising

Queer Theory
Jagose, Seidman

Gender and Masculinity Studies
An Overview

Gender, Masculinity/Men's Studies and Feminism

Radical Pro-Feminism
Between Gender Difference and Categorical Social Constructionism -Stoltenberg

Race/Ethnicity/Imperialism and Gay masculinities-Dowsett, Carbado

Socialist Pro-Feminism and Relational Social Constructionism-Connell
Queer(ing) Masculinity Studies
Female Masculinity-Halberstam


The book provides a very clear overview of gender and sexuality theories, presents complex ideas in a simple and accessible way. I recommend this book for students of my women's rights course. Taking into account the nature of the course, this book cannot in itself constitute a core reading but represents a valuable supplement to other readings.

Dr Ekaterina Yahyaoui
Irish Centre for Human Rights, National University of Ireland, Galway
January 13, 2013

Excellent coverage of key theoretical debates, much of which is accessible to the novice student of gender and sexuality. I would have welcomed more on intersections with class, though Beasley does acknowledge the relative lack of discussion. For the students here, the overviews are likely to be the most read sections.

Dr Megan Todd
Sociology , Robert Gordon University
June 20, 2012

This is an excellent text for post graduate students who have a good and fairly extensive knowledge of gender and sexuality studies. It will be useful to have a copy in the library to deepen their understanding.

Ms Sandy Nelson
Public Health and Primary Care, Thames Valley University
November 9, 2011

A much needed and extensive overview of the relevant theories dealing with sexuality in modern society and indeed as a social construct. Excellent text.

Dr Jill O'Mahony
Department of Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
October 20, 2011

This is a very informative text which will be essential reading for AOP courses.

Ms Melanie Feek
community & youth, College of St Mark and St John
November 26, 2010

An excellent text.

Dr Mitzi Mitchell
Health, York Univ
October 2, 2010

Very good reader for post graduate students. Too advanced for undergraduates.

Still worth a read and I shall definitely propose that the library gets a copy.

Dr Chris Mamo
Social and General, Cork Institute of Technology
September 21, 2010

I have recommended this as an additional text for the course. It is a useful introduction to the various topics raised in the field. This is especially useful when it comes to theorists such as Butler, where the primary texts are too dense for many first-year students at first glance. Priming them with the overviews in this volume is a useful way of allowing the students to grasp the central concepts and debates before engaging with the primary materials, thus enhancing their understanding.

Dr Steven Jones
Media, Northumbria University
August 23, 2010

A complex text of a complex subject that anyone attempting to conduct indepth research/ learning into the subjects of genderr and sexuality will find invaluable. May require earlier reading prior to this text from an undergraduate/ inexperienced student, but well worth persisting with

Miss Joanne Skellern
Nursing , Chester University
October 26, 2009

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Chris Beasley

Dr. Chris Beasley is Professor in Politics and Co-Director of the Fay Gale Centre for Research on Gender at the University of Adelaide. Dr Beasley primarily teaches in three areas of Political Studies: social and political theory, gender and sexuality studies, and cultural politics. She has been previously been located in Sociology, Women's Studies, Aboriginal Studies and Education. Her books include Heterosexuality in Theory and Practice (with Heather Brook and Mary Holmes, Routledge, 2012), Engaging with Carol Bacchi (edited with Angelique Bletsas, University of Adelaide Press, 2012), Gender & Sexuality: Critical Theories, Critical... More About Author

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