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Gandhian Thought and Communication

Gandhian Thought and Communication
Rethinking the Mahatma in the Media Age

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Biswajit Das - Professor and Founding Director, Centre for Culture, Media and Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

December 2019 | 296 pages | SAGE India

Gandhian Thought and Communication: Rethinking the Mahatma in the Media Age looks at Gandhian thought and contributions from an interdisciplinary communication perspective. It explores the Mahatma as a public intellectual and communicator. It studies Gandhi’s unique communication techniques to connect with the masses and the way he used and appropriated myth, metaphors and symbols to communicate his ideas related to modernity and nationalism. The book examines how Gandhian ideas have been tested and the implications derived.

This book also studies the contemporary relevance of Gandhian thought by looking at various popular media representations to open up the possibilities of rethinking and recasting Gandhi in the present context.

Foreword: Mahatma Gandhi—A Life So Keenly Observed by Arvind Singhal
Biswajit Das
Prafulla K Kar
Nationalism, Religion and The Critique Of Modernity: Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj
Alok Bajpai
Some Contextual Reflections on Hind Swaraj: A Critique of ‘Modernity’ and an Argument for Indian Modern Consciousness
Ratnakar Tripathy
Confession as Public Communication: Reflections on Gandhi’s The Story of My Experiments with Truth
Shashi Bhushan Upadhyay
An Unfinished Communication: Gandhi and the Ahmadabad Labour Strike, 1918
Sadan Jha
Multi-verse of Gandhi’s Charkha: Spinning Experiences and the Question of Information
Keval J Kumar
Gandhi: Journalist, Communicator and Satyagrahi
Arunabha Ghosh and Partha Ray
Munna and Gandhi: Rethinking Gandhi, 'Gandhigiri’ and Popular Hindi Cinema
Dev Nath Pathak
Reading Gandhi with/in Popular Cinema: A Pedagogue’s Perspective
Gopalan Ravindran
The Rhizomatic Constructions of Gandhi on Web 2.0
M Shuaib Mohamed Haneef
Digital Civil Disobedience Movement: Revisiting Gandhian Thoughts in an International Commune

Biswajit Das

Biswajit Das is Professor and Founding Director of the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He has over three decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of theory, method and history of communication in India. Professor Das has been a Visiting Professor at York University; Fellow at the University of Windsor, Canada; Fellow at MSH, Paris; INALCO, Paris; Charles Wallace Trust, London; and the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla, India. More About Author

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