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Game Time

Game Time
Games to Promote Social and Emotional Resilience for Children aged 4 - 14

December 2004 | 65 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
These games will be invaluable for those working with small groups of young people who find it difficult to behave and co-operate with their peers.

They are progressive in terms of skill development and complexity and have a strong focus on early intervention (age range from 4 to 14). The games may be used sequentially over 6 to 8 sessions to practise a range of social and emotional skills; or in a one-off session to cover specific skills.

Socio-emotional development addressed includes:

- social and friendship skills

- anger management

- coping with teasing

- coping in the playground

- paying compliments

The nine games are presented on a CD for users to print their own colour copies. The disc contains the games board and all the necessary cards.


Play and Socio-Emotional Development
The Importance of Play

Therapeutic Games

Social Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Resilience
Emotional Coaches

Emotional First-Aid

The Life Space Interview
Importance of Language

Game Leaders
Modelling Prosocial Skills

Using Scripts



Awareness of Reading Skills

Using Therapeutic Games
The Classroom

Targeted Groups

Clinical Level

The Games
Getting Along - 'Little Friends, Roadrace, Friendly Island' (Pre-School - Year 3)

Friendship Skills - 'Friendly Friends' (Years 1-8)

Resilience Training - 'Tease' (Years 3-8)

Anger Management - 'Think Again' (Years 1-8)

Playground Issues - 'Playground' (Years 2-8)

Paying Compliments, Group Cohesion - 'Give Me Strength' (Years 3-8)

Meeting Challenges - 'Strong and Smart' (Years 3-8)


Robyn Hromek