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Future Focused Leaders

Future Focused Leaders
Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate for Real Educational Change

Foreword by Salome Thomas-EL

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May 2017 | 192 pages | Corwin

Promote the skills and experiences that equip students to thrive in the future!


Future Focused Leaders concentrates on three areas, Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate, that will engage and empower school leaders to effectively prepare students and educators for the future. This book provides best practices, practical tools, and research-based strategies that educators can immediately apply for sustainable innovation in their leadership. With maintaining positive change in mind, this book also offers:

  • Examples, vignettes, and activities for reflection and action
  • A self-evaluation rubric to check your ability to relate, innovate, and invigorate
  • Visit Chase Learning for video and audio resources, as well as a leadership simulation for team practice

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About the Authors
Chapter 1: Conversational Leadership: Leadership Driven by Relationships, Listening, and Communication
School Leader’s Story: Listening to Student Voice  
The Conversation Is the Relationship  
More Meaningful Meetings  
School Culture  
School Leader’s Story: Building Authentic Relationships  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
School Leader Simulation (SIM): The Bully Teacher  
Chapter 2: Communication Builds Community: Telling Your School Story Together
School Leader’s Story: Telling Your School’s Story  
Branding Your School  
Digital Media Tools  
School Leader’s Story: Communicating by Relating  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
Chapter 3: Connecting to Make a Difference: Building Relationships With the Entire School Community
School Leader’s Story: Connecting Students With Their Community  
Connecting for Learning  
School, It’s Not Just for Students Anymore  
School Leader’s Story: Engaging the Community  
Partnerships to Strengthen Learning  
School Leader’s Story: Making a Difference for Others  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
Chapter 4: Shift in How We Do School: The Changing Architecture of Learning and Schooling
School Leader’s Story: Increasing Parent Involvement  
Holding Back Innovation: Comfort, Cost, and Courage  
A Future Crisis: Pulling Away From the Past to Save the Future  
Physical Environment  
School Leader’s Story: Empowering Students  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
Chapter 5: Digital Leadership, Learning, and Technology: Digital School Leaders Making a Difference for Students
School Leader’s Story: Modeling Digital Learning  
You Think You Have Problems?  
SwERI Framework  
Future Design Learning Environments  
School Leader’s Story: Technology Supports Student Interest  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
Chapter 6: Nurturing Creativity: Strategies for Leaders to Inspire Creativity in Their Teachers, Students, and Parents
School Leader’s Story: Creating Space for Creativity  
The Fourth Revolution  
Growing Creativity  
School Leader’s Story: Creative Solutions for Authentic Problems  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
Chapter 7: Inspiring Others to Greatness: Principals Inspiring Teachers, Students, and Parents for Amazing Things
School Leader’s Story: Getting All Voices Heard  
Making a Lasting Difference  
Culture Changes in Education  
Returning to the Call  
School Leader’s Story: Community Members Inspiring Students  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
Chapter 8: Building on Strengths: Leadership That Focuses on Strengths and Celebrates the Success of Others
School Leader’s Story: A House Undivided  
The Power of Team  
Focus on Strengths  
School Leader’s Story: Stronger Together: Collaborating for Success  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
Chapter 9: Servant Leadership: Serving the Students, Staff, and Community to Ensure They Get What They Need to Learn
School Leader’s Story: Serving the School Community  
Kindergarten Lessons  
School Leader’s Story: Supporting Students’ Ideas: “Make It Happen”  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  
Chapter 10: Learning Is the Goal: Leadership That Resists Trends and Quick Fixes
School Leader’s Story: Supporting Leadership Throughout the School for Learning  
A Lead Learner  
Do What Matters  
Resist the Quick Fix  
Keys to Learning as School Leaders  
Celebrate Learning  
School Leader’s Story: Changing a School Culture for Learning  
Relate, Innovate, Invigorate Activities  


"Future Ready touches on all the topics that are relevant to school leaders today. Bill Ziegler and Dave Ramage hit on those nagging obstacles we face as school leaders and provide real examples of school leaders that turned obstacles into opportunities to innovate an invigorate their students, staff, and community relationships. The solutions offered in this book are unique and replicable . . . The book challenges the status quo and pushes the reader to look at obstacles as an opportunity to innovate."

Nancy Alvarez, Assistant Principal
Lawson Early Childhood School, McKinney TX

"This is School Leadership 101—a comprehensive view of current and evolving leadership practices in an era of shared leadership, social networking, and envisioning the future of public education."

David G. Daniels, High School Principal
Susquehanna Valley High School, Conklin NY

"The authors eloquently tell stories of educators in the trenches leading change, and enhance them with innovative resources. This book contains nuggets of information that are attainable for all of us, and will be a source of reference for me when setting goals. Ziegler and Ramage have produced a must read for all school leaders, and a reflective tool for leading and managing change."

Bethany Hill, Principal
Central Elementary School, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Equity, sustainable change, innovation, moving the deep-seated attitudes of a community - these are all matters of CULTURE. These issues transcend a single classroom. None of this stuff can take hold without principal leadership.  Our work is so important, and it’s crucial that we get it right. This book provides practical inspiration for all future focused leaders."

Alan Tenreiro, NASSP Principal of the Year 2016
Cumberland High School, Cumberland, RI

"School and district administrators understand that the role of leadership has become more complex and changes rapidly in response to demands and expanding knowledge.  A major role for school leaders is to harness the expertise in their schools to lead successful transformations.  Future Focused Leaders:  Relate, Innovate, and Invigorate for Real Change provides perspective, ideas for implementation, as well as inspiration for any leader.  If you're looking for a book that will help you leverage digital tools, jumpstart innovation or design learning environments where creativity is encouraged and transforms learning, then look no further!  Bill Ziegler and Dave Ramage have successfully curated ideas and examples that will get you on your way!"

Tammy Gibbons, Director of Professional Development & Information
Association of Wisconsin School Administrators, Madison, WI

"Bill and Dave capture the essence of school leadership bringing it to life through their voices and the dynamic, authentic actions of school leaders across the nations.  School leadership is about passion, people, and communication. They bring these qualities to the forefront with practical, and replicable examples that make a difference in schools nationwide. Read this and prepare to “Relate, Innovate and Invigorate”, you will be the difference."

Michael E. Allison, Principal
Hopewell High School, Aliquippa, PA

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Bill Ziegler

Dr. Bill Ziegler is a high school principal in Pennsylvania. He was recently honored as the 2016 Pennsylvania Principal of the Year, the 2015 National Association of Secondary School Principals Digital Award Winner, and was selected to serve on the United States team of School Leaders to the Great Leaders Summit in China.  Dr. Ziegler has over 24 years of service in public education where he has served as a school leader for 20 years. Bill was recently selected to serve on the team to rewrite the NASSP/NAESP Breaking Ranks publications for school leaders.  He has served as a high school social studies teacher, high... More About Author

David E. Ramage

Dave Ramage, Ph.D. has been a public school educator for 29 years. He spent eleven years as a middle school music teacher in grades six through nine at Souderton Area SD in suburban Philadelphia, and then became the Coordinator of Technology Staff Development for the same district. Dave moved to middle school administration as an assistant principal and principal. He currently leads Pottsgrove Middle School. Dave was a 2005 national finalist in the Technology Leaders award sponsored by Technology & Learning magazine. He has presented at conferences including PETE & C, NECC, and PASCD. Dr. Ramage has done adjunct teaching since 1998... More About Author

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