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Fundamentals for Public Health Practice

Fundamentals for Public Health Practice

First Edition
Edited by:

September 2022 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A comprehensive textbook providing a complete overview of the multifaceted nature of public health practice. It explores all aspects of public health from communities and wider society, child development and early relationships, inequalities in health, safeguarding, the rapidly changing nature of society and the significance of culture, equality and diversity.

The book takes a life-span approach and makes direct links to the UK health and social care context and has been written for an interprofessional audience. It will be essential reading for health and social care students including nurses and midwives, allied health care professionals, social care workers, qualified health and social care practitioners and anyone who plays a role in understanding, promoting, and protecting public health.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive, wide-ranging coverage
  • Addresses the realities of public health in a globalised world
  • Applied to the UK four nation context but also considers the global dimension of public health practice
Amanda Holland
Introduction: Overview of Global Health Policy and Health Policy Across the Four UK Nations
John Watkins & Dianne Watkins
The COVID-19 Pandemic – Lessons Learnt and Future Practice
Health Promotion And Prevention
Lorraine Joomun
Health Promotion
Lynette Harland Shotton & Emma Senior
Health Literacy
Early Intervention
Amanda Holland
Healthy Child Development
Amanda Holland & Kate Phillips
The Influence of Early Relationships on Child Development and Long-Term Health and Wellbeing
Jane Hanley
Perinatal Mental Health
Inequalities in Public Health
Linda Mages
Inequalities In Health
Linda Mages & Nadine Littler
The Obesity Epidemic
Shirley Willis & Cathryn Smith
Public Health and the Older Person
Iain McPhee & Ian Bond
Substance Use and Public Health
Alex Nute
Mental Health
Kate Phillips
Oral Health
David Evans
Sexual Health is Public Health
Susan Greening & Philip Tremewan
Safeguarding Adults, 21st Century Issues
Michelle Moseley
Safeguarding Children and Young People
Caroline Bradbury Jones & Dana Sammut
Domestic Abuse
Joanne McEwan & Michelle Moseley
Honour Based Violence - A Public Health Issue: Protection, Promotion and Provision of Services
Culture, Equality And Diversity
Lorraine Joomun
Deb McNee
Gypsies and Travellers
Fatima Husain
Culture Competence in Care: Working with Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Faith Families
Professor Dave Clarke
Public health and the LGBTQ+ Community

This book provides an overview of the various dynamics of Public health. Each chapter is laid out in an easy to follow legible way. This is beneficial to learners of Public Health, as it breaks down complex subjects, into manageable pieces.

Mrs Fern Bentley
Nursing (Derby), University of Derby (Chesterfield)
May 8, 2023

links to one of the key modules within the SCPHN course

Mrs Deborah Ann Gee
School of Health & Social Care, Teesside University
October 21, 2023

Amanda Holland

Amanda Holland is a senior lecturer at the School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University, and joined the University in 2015. She teaches undergraduate nurses and midwives and postgraduate healthcare students. Her specialist area is in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing, Health Visiting. Amanda is programme manager of the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing Programme (SCPHN) for Health Visiting, a role she has held since 2018. Amanda was awarded Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy in 2021. Amanda leads SCPHN programme modules and has led health promotion modules in Oman. She is the Community Practitioner and... More About Author

Kate Phillips

Kate Phillips is an NMC registered Adult & Child Nurse, as well as a professionally NMC registered Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor). Her clinical experience includes practicing as a Flying Start Health Visitor in Wales for 8 years where she promoted the health and wellbeing of families and communities. Her career moved into higher education at Cardiff University in 2015 due to her passion for teaching and supporting the development of the future nursing workforce. She currently works as a Child Nursing lecturer at the University of Leeds. Her subjects of interest are public health, health promotion and the... More About Author

Michelle Moseley

Michelle Moseley is the Education and Lifelong Learning Adviser at RCN Wales. Michelle is registered general nurse, sick children’s nurse, health visitor, and nurse educator. Her specialist area of teaching and learning is associated with public health nursing where she managed the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (SCPHN) programme (health visiting) within the School of Healthcare Sciences (HCARE), at Cardiff University as well as undertaking other roles including under-graduate education lead and director of learning in practice. Michelle is passionate about safeguarding and was awarded the RCN Wales Nurse of the year Award for... More About Author

Lorraine Joomun

Dr Lorraine Joomun is a qualified nurse and health visitor and has been working in healthcare education at Cardiff University for 24 years. During this time Lorraine managed and led the Specialist Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visitor) Programme, while also undertaking an additional role as Professional Head of Primary Care and Public Health Nursing. Lorraine currently leads the health promotion module within the SCPHN programme, she has previously led the global public health modules within the school and health promotion modules in Oman. Lorraine has a special interest in homelessness which developed while undertaking her PhD. More About Author

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