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From Wellbeing to Welldoing

From Wellbeing to Welldoing
How to Think, Learn and Be Well

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October 2023 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Do you sometimes find yourself trying to juggle the demands and pressures of learning, whilst also trying to look after your own wellbeing? Then you have come to the right place!  This book will introduce you to simple and practical techniques designed to remove a lot of the anxiety around learningNot only will these techniques help you to achieve and succeed in your studies, but also take control of your own learning and support your wellbeing.

Whether you are trying to tackle an assignment, juggle pending deadlines, or revise for an exam, these tried and tested techniques will help you save time and energy, look after yourself, and develop an approach to learning that is right for you. What’s more, the Welldoing strategies are transferable and can also be used in your home and working lives to help you to think, learn and be well. 

Chapter 1: Welcome to Welldoing
Chapter 2: Cognitively comfy learning: Manage your environment to boost your learning potential
Chapter 3: Time and task savvy learning: Adapt and flex your schedule for efficient learning
Chapter 4: Stress-free learning (well almost!): Pro-actively manage your varied life demands and reduce unnecessary stress
Chapter 5: Reader’s and writer’s block: Adapt how you interact with the page to get started with reading and writing tasks
Chapter 6: Recipes for planning and writing: Handy recipes to help you successfully cook-up great pieces of writing
Chapter 7: The revision elevator: Strategies to give your revision a lift!
Chapter 8: Walking a tightrope: The safety net approach to thriving rather than surviving when public speaking
Chapter 9: The hurdle-free approach to group work: Anticipate, plan for and manage the challenges of working with others
Chapter 10: Tempting templates: Example templates to help you put Welldoing into practice


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A wonderfully insightful, informative guide full of useful strategies and tips and written in a very accessible way, extremely important if you’re dyslexic like my boys. Sure it will be a huge success with students, parents and teacher alike. 

Liz Morris

Abby Osborne

Abby Osborne has extensive experience in mentoring and tutoring students in Secondary, Further and Higher Education. Abby also has a background in Special Educational Needs and experience in supporting student wellbeing both within and beyond the curriculum. She has also taught English in Further Education and currently works at the University of Bath supporting staff to develop and implement inclusive curriculum. Abby also works as an Educational Consultant, most recently working with Cambridge Assessment International Education developing educational guidance for international teachers and as a Trainer.  More About Author

Karen Angus-Cole

Karen Angus-Cole has a number of years’ experience teaching in UK secondary schools and tutoring students. She previously worked in the University of Bath's Centre for Learning and Teaching where she supported teaching staff to develop effective curricula centred on student learning. Now she is a Lecturer in the Department of Education at the University, focussing on pedagogy and assessment. Karen also provides education consultancy, designing learning materials for students as well as professional development workshops for teaching staff. She has worked for the BBC to create Bitesize revision resources for secondary school... More About Author

Loti Venables

Loti Venables is a SEN teacher within a mainstream secondary school, delivering Alternative Provision to a range of vulnerable, disadvantaged and SEN students. With a degree in Illustration and Graphics, she applies her visual way of seeing the world to produce supporting academic materials and pastoral guides within her department. Loti has worked for over two decades in teaching working as an art specialist within a SEN setting, as a secondary school art teacher delivering GCSE and A level and recently combining both skill sets to deliver Art as an Alternative Provision, with a focus on mentoring, social and life skills. More About Author

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