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From Needs Assessment to Action

From Needs Assessment to Action
Transforming Needs into Solution Strategies

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304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
From Needs Assessment to Action provides tools for analyzing and collating needs assessment data in order to use it to make decisions and plan activities.

James W Altschuld and Belle Ruth Witkin argue that needs assessment too often becomes an end in itself and offer the solution by showing how to use the resulting data practically. The authors: provide definitions and a review of the concepts of needs assessment; examine the manager's perspective in needs assessment; describe the processes involved in using information to create action plans; highlight the principles through case examples with analytical notes.

This practical book builds on the success of the authors' Planning and Conducting Needs Assessment (Sage, 1995).

The Need
The Need
The Three Phases of Needs Assessment
A Closer Look

Data Related Issues and Survey Methods
Obtaining Needs Assessment Data In Other Ways and Putting the Data Puzzle Together
Setting Needs-Based Priorities
From Needs to Solution Strategies
Designing Needs-Based Action Plans
Multiple (Mixed) Methods Needs Assessments
Closing Thoughts

"A major contribution to the literature of the field. It deals with areas that are not covered in any other book I know of, and does so well." 

Nick Eastmond
Utah State University

Fantastic book! We decided to select a newer version but this book is excellent.

Dr Sondra M LoRe
Educational Psychology & Counseling, University Of Tennessee
November 5, 2021

James W. Altschuld

James W. Altschuld, PhD, is Professor Emeritus at The Ohio State University where he taught program evaluation, needs assessment, and research methods. He has published and presented extensively in the field of evaluation particularly with regard to how needs are assessed.  More About Author

Belle Ruth Witkin

(Deceased.)  More About Author