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Frequently Asked Questions

About SAGE Premier

What is SAGE Premier?

SAGE Premier is the largest journals package offered by SAGE. It includes international, peer-reviewed journals, including high-impact research titles published on behalf of over 350 scholarly and professional societies. Its interdisciplinary coverage is unparalleled, spanning subject areas including business; humanities; social sciences; science, technology, medicine; and many more.

Titles included in SAGE Premier are also available in smaller, discipline-specific packages:

  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) - includes 662 titles
  • Science, Technology, and Medicine (STM) - includes 368 titles available in the following 3 packages:
    • Science, Technology, and Medicine - 368 titles
    • Health Sciences - 299 titles
    • Clinical Medicine - 213 titles


How do users access content within SAGE Premier?

Access is available via the SAGE Journals platform powered by Stanford University’s HighWire Press. We prefer to set your institution up with access via IP recognition, but in special cases we can provide access via username and password. Access is available at Journals is moving! As of December 2016, SAGE Journals will be hosted on its new online platform.)

What browsers does the SAGE Journals platform support?

The current production version of all major browsers (Opera, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, and Lynx) are supported on Mac, PC and Unix-based operating systems. The current production version of Internet Explorer (IE9) is supported on PC only. Netscape version 6.1 and higher is supported on Mac and PC.

Is SAGE Premier content available via mobile phones?

SAGE's entire collection of online journal sites is now available in a mobile-optimized format designed for the smaller screen of a smartphone. All new journal sites will launch with a mobile version within several days of the standard SAGE Journals site going live.

Are subscribers able to use Athens and Shibboleth to access SAGE Premier remotely?

Yes. Athens and Shibboleth (federated access) are both supported for accessing content on the SAGE Journals platform. These offer a single sign-on experience to users. Shibboleth access is currently available for institutions in UK, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Japan.

Can I use a proxy server?

Yes. This can be set up by ensuring the IP address of the proxy server is registered on the customer account. The use of a proxy server, for example EZProxy, can help provide access to subscribed content for authorized users based internally and externally.

Is SAGE Premier OpenURL Compliant?

Yes, the SAGE Journals platform is compliant with the most current OpenURL standard.


What content is included in SAGE Premier?

Electronic access to 900+ peer-reviewed journals and over 700,000 articles, with complimentary access back to 1999 (where available) while a current subscription is maintained. Subject areas covered in SAGE Premier include Health Sciences, Life & Biomedical Sciences, Materials Science & Engineering, and Social Sciences & Humanities.

How are titles chosen for inclusion in SAGE Premier and why are some titles not added?

In an effort to make SAGE Premier the most comprehensive interdisciplinary collection of journal content from SAGE, we aim to include as many journals as possible in the package.  Acquired titles that we do not have subscription files for by the time the package is set or titles acquired by SAGE after the package is set, are not included in the SAGE Premier set for the following year.

When is the title list for SAGE Premier finalized for the following year?

SAGE releases a new SAGE Premier set of titles annually no later than September 1 for the following subscription year.

If I am a SAGE Premier All-Access customer, when will I receive access to the new titles that get added to my package?

Access to the new titles will begin as of January 1. For titles that are not yet published as of January 1, access will be available once the journal is live on the SAGE Journals platform.

Approximately how many titles will be added to the platform each year?

We expect 20-40 titles to be added annually, based on the number of journals SAGE acquires each year.


How do I get usage statistics?

Go to this Account Manager page, sign in with your account administrator username and password, then select the type of usage report you are interested in viewing. Enter an email address where you would like the report to be sent. If you would like additional help, please contact us directly.

What COUNTER reports will I be able to get?

SAGE is a COUNTER compliant vendor and in order to retain this status our usage reports are audited on a regular basis.  We have ensured continued compliancy with the COUNTER Code of Practice and currently have the following reports available:

  • Journal Report 1 (Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal)
  • Journal Report 1a (Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests from an Archive by Month and Journal)
  • Journal Report 3 (Number of Successful Item Requests by Month, Journal and Page-type)
  • Journal Report 4 (Total Searches Run by Month and Collection)

Our platform provider HighWire Press also supports the SUSHI protocol. SAGE is COUTNER 4 compliant.

Do you allow course packs (printed and/or electronic) from any of your resources?

The purchaser, the institutions and authorized users may use a reasonable amount of the purchased materials in the preparation of course packs or other educational materials.

Can a customer upload all PDFs to their server for archiving purposes?

No, we do not allow customers to upload PDFs for archiving purposes.

What is the policy regarding Inter-Library Loan (ILL)?

ILL is permitted.


Which E-Resource Management Services (ERMs) does SAGE participate in?

SAGE supplies monthly ERM feeds that are compliant with KBART (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools) standards to the following services:

  • Serials Solutions: 360 Search
  • Serials Solutions: AquaBrowser
  • EBSCO Subscription Service
  • Ex-Libris
  • OCLC - WorldCat
  • TD-Net
  • Innovative Interfaces
  • WTCox

Which discovery services does SAGE participate in?

All SAGE journals are indexed in the following discovery services:

  • Summon (Serials Solutions)
  • EBSCO Discovery Service
  • Primo (ExLibris)

SAGE regularly supplies metadata to these services to ensure that your library patrons are able to locate SAGE Premier journal content on your campuses. 

If your question is not answered above, please contact us.