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Foundations of Mixed Methods Research

Foundations of Mixed Methods Research
Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches in the Social and Behavioral Sciences

June 2016 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Mixed methodology has become an increasingly popular way of both researching and teaching methodology across the social sciences, and students across these fields are expected to be proficient in both quantitative and qualitative techniques. This text begins with an introduction to and overview of the development of mixed methodology, and then takes students through all aspects of working with mixed methods from research design and data collection through to analysis and conclusions.
Mixed Methods: The Third Methodological Movement
Mixed Methods as the Third Research Community
The Fundamentals of Mixed Methods Research
Methodological Thought Before the 20th Century
Paradigm Issues in Mixed Methods Research
Methods and Strategies of Mixed Methods Research
Generating Questions in Mixed Methods Research
Mixed Methods Research Designs
Sampling Strategies for Mixed Methods Research
Considerations Before Collecting Your Data
Data Collection Strategies for Mixed Methods Research
The Analysis of Mixed Methods Data
The Inference Process in Mixed Methods Research
Epilogue: Politics, Challenges, and Prospects

"The authors have successfully integrated a technical and well rounded discussion of the evolution of mixed methods research balanced with practical application examples of using mixed methods for the pragmatic researcher."

Pauline Calleja
Queensland University of Technology

This book provides essential knowledge on mixed methods research and is useful for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Mr Peter Phillips
School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University
December 12, 2016

Very accessible text which clearly lays out the approach in a critical manner.

Ms Yasmin Stefanov-King
Education, Coventry University Scarborough
November 9, 2016

This is an excellent book for teaching postgraduate students about the different types of mixed method approaches, along with a critique of their use in behavioural sciences.

Dr James Lee Rumbold
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
August 19, 2016

The book does cover elements of research for Bsc (Hons) students completing a dissertation and needing to understand research however the terminology is complicated particularly for the level required. The book may be of better use for those who have already been involved with research in parts.

Mrs Neesha Oozageer-Gunowa
Nursing Practice, Fac of Health & SCS, Kingston University
February 1, 2016

A very interesting approach for mixed methods.

Mr Marcos Ferasso
Business Administration , Federal University of Parana
February 11, 2016

Provides the needed foundation of Mixed Methods Research.

Dr Nii Amoo
Faculty of Business and Law, Leeds Beckett University
December 7, 2015

The book well deserves the title foundations. The authors' use of exemplar works and typical study examples emphasizes the important aspects of mixed methods (MM) research. By doing so, they keep novices from misinterpreting MM, while deepening more experienced users' understanding.

Mr Hakan IslamogŸlu
Education , Recep Tayyip Erdogan University
December 5, 2015

An excellent read for all researchers whether engaging in mixed methods or not. I particularly like section one.

Mrs Vanessa Cottle
Education , Derby University
December 8, 2015

Too advanced for the level of student - level 5

Mrs Julie donald
WBDL, Universityof Lincoln
November 30, 2015

Charles B. Teddlie

Charles Teddlie (Ph.D., Social Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is the Jo Ellen Levy Yates Distinguished Professor of Education at Louisiana State University (LSU). He has also taught at the University of New Orleans and has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (U.K.). He has also served as Assistant Superintendent for Research and Development at the Louisiana Department of Education. His major writing interests are social science research methodology and school effectiveness research. Professor Teddlie has taught research methods courses for over twenty years, including statistics and... More About Author

Abbas Tashakkori

Abbas Tashakkori (Ph.D., Social Psychology, University of North Carolina -Chapel Hill) is the Chairperson of the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas (Denton, Texas, USA). Previously, has has been a Professor of Research and Evaluation Methodology at Florida International University (Miami, Florida, USA). He has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Carolina Population Center and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as a visiting scholar at Texas A&M University. He has extensive experience as a program evaluator, and he has taught research methods for more than two decades in... More About Author

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