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Foundations of Empowerment Evaluation

Foundations of Empowerment Evaluation

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October 2000 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Employing both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, empowerment evaluation is the use of evaluation concepts, techniques, and findings to foster improvement and self-determination. David M Fetterman explores its background and theory and goes on to present the three steps of empowerment evaluation: establishing a mission statement about a programme; taking stock; and charting a course for the future, while using case studies to highlight these steps in practice.
Introducing Empowerment Evaluation as Part of the Intellectual Landscape of Evaluation  
Background and Theory
Exploring the Background and Theory of Empowerment Evaluation with Relevant Examples and Tools  
Three Steps
Presenting the Three Steps of Empowerment Evaluation and Related Facets  
Four Case Examples
Highlighting the Steps of Empowerment Evaluation with Four Case Examples  
A High Stakes Case Example
Documenting the Utility, Credibility, and Rigor of Empowerment Evaluation in a High-Stakes Arena-Accreditation  
The Standards
Applying the Standards to Empowerment Evaluation  
Discussing Caveats and Concerns About Empowerment Evaluation  
A Dialogue
Distinguishing Empowerment Evaluation From Other Approaches  
The World Wide Web
Using the Internet as a Tool to Disseminate Empowerment Evaluation Worldwide  
Concluding by Speaking One's Truth About the Strengths, Limitations, and Conditions of Empowerment Evaluation  

"Fetterman offers down-to-earth, clearly written descriptions and explanations of an approach that reconciles the contingencies of organizational practice with the standards and principles of evaluation accountability. He adroitly bridges the gap between the subjectivity of self-evaluation and the objectivity of external evaluation by showing with case examples and detailed methods, forms, and narrative why empowerment evaluation extends the reach of standard evaluation practice."

Dennis Mithaug
Teachers College, Columbia University

"Professor Fetterman’s book should be ready by all practicing evaluators and scholars in evaluation. It will very likely open the minds of traditional evaluators to new functions and roles of evaluation." 

Madhabi Chatterji
Columbia University

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David M. Fetterman

David M. Fetterman is President and CEO of Fetterman & Associates, an international evaluation consulting firm.  He has 25 years of experience at Stanford University , serving as a senior administrator, School of Education faculty member, and School of Medicine Director of Evaluation.   David is the Director of the Arkansas Evaluation Center and concurrently a Professor at San Jose State University, the University of Charleston, and the University of Arkansas.  He was a Professor and Research Director at the California Institute of Integral Studies, Principal Research Scientist at the American Institutes for... More About Author

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