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Forest Governance and Sustainable Resource Management

Forest Governance and Sustainable Resource Management

First Edition
  • Irshad A. Khan - Honorary Professor, Amity School of Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, Amity University, Noida

January 2019 | 248 pages | SAGE India

Forest Governance and Sustainable Resource Management vividly presents the current state of management and governance of forests and other natural resources in India.

It focuses on the substantial underperformance and need to ensure effective implementation of the national forest policy to arrest further depletion of India’s rapidly declining forest cover. The book extensively covers the history of forestry in India, the various forest policies, the legal and management frameworks, the various international conventions and protocols for dealing with climate change and how effective forest management can enable their implementation. It recommends various strategic, implementational and governance reforms to deal effectively with the current situation. A highlight of this book is its extensive coverage of the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries (REDD+), a climate change mitigation solution adopted by the United Nations, and India’s state of readiness in implementing it. The book suggests that foresters need to overcome their siege mentality and instead work towards empowering themselves to play a more proactive role in saving India’s forest resources.
Part I: Forest Management and Policy Evolution
Organized Forestry Inception
Forest Policy
External Donors Influencing Policy: The World Bank
Part II: Forest Resource Management
Forest Resources
Forest Management
Part III: Approaches Adopted in the Past and Their Outcomes
Social Forestry, Afforestation and Wastelands Development
Participatory Forest Management
Livelihood from Forests
Part IV: Forest Legislation and Governance
Legislation as Instrument of Forest Policy
Assessment of India’s Forest Governance
Part V: Emerging global Issues, Commitments and Challenges
Climate Change and Forests
Appendix: National Forest Policy, 1988—A Review Matrix

Irshad A. Khan

Irshad A. Khan is an expert on forestry and natural resources management, with more than 35 years of professional experience in the areas of forest management and environmental protection. He recently (in 2012–2013) headed a USAID-funded Forest-PLUS programme aimed at REDD+ preparedness. Previously, he spent nine years as a Senior Forestry Specialist with the World Bank, where he designed, appraised and supervised forestry and watershed projects, and performed policy and institutional capacity analysis in more than seven Indian states, while serving as team leader for the World Bank’s entire ... More About Author

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