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Finding Your Way

Finding Your Way
What Happens When You Tell About Abuse

July 2012 | 72 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This brief-easy-to-understand book explains what happens when a child discloses abuse and how various systems may respond to this disclosure, from investigation through prosecution or juvenile court involvement to therapy.

Intended for children 9-18, this book is written in a supportive tone and helps children to understand what abuse is, the steps that are taken to protect the child, the process of prosecuting the abuser, and the child's own feeling and healing process.

What Is Abuse?
Telling What Happened
Filing Charges
Preliminary Hearing or Grand Jury
Chips/Protection and Services
Types of Lawyers
The Criminal Trial
Your Feelings
Resource People

Lynn M. Copen

Linda M. Pucci

Several years ago I made some huge life changes. Although I was successful as a psychologist and owner of a mental health/alcohol and drug treatment clinic, my life was out of balance. I worked hard to build the business and to help others heal, but I didn’t pay attention to myself. I found that I was alienated from myself and from those I cared about the most. I found myself thinking about the future, and I realized that I was postponing living for being successful. I decided to make changes.... More About Author

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