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Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations

Seventh Edition

648 pages | CQ Press
Reflecting recent changes in accounting standards, this Seventh Edition of Financial Management for Public, Health, and Not-for-Profit Organizations provides a comprehensive yet practical introduction to the financial decision-making and management skills required of students and practitioners in the public, health, and not-for-profit sectors. Assuming that readers have no prior training in financial management, the authors artfully combine the principles, theory, and analytics of accounting and finance. In every chapter, a wide range of exercises, case studies, and problems help students develop strong financial assessment and judgment proficiencies while reinforcing the essential mechanics of accounting. 
Part I: Introduction: Setting the Stage
Chapter 1: Introduction to Financial Management
Part II: Planning
Chapter 2: Planning for Success: Budgeting
Chapter 3: Additional Budgeting Concepts
Chapter 4: Understanding Costs
Chapter 5: Capital Budgeting
Chapter 6: Long-Term Financing
Part III: Implementation and Controlling Results
Chapter 7: Managing Short-Term Resources and Obligations
Chapter 8: Accountability and Control
Part IV: Reporting Results
Chapter 9: Taking Stock of Where You Are: The Balance Sheet
Chapter 10: Reporting the Results of Operations: The Activity and Cash Flow Statements
Chapter 11: Unique Aspects of Accounting for Not-for-Profit and Health-Care Organizations
Chapter 12: Unique Aspects of Accounting for State and Local Governments - Part I: The Recording Process
Chapter 13: Unique Aspects of Accounting for State and Local Governments - Part II: Reporting Financial Results
Part V: Financial Analysis
Chapter 14: Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 15: Financial Condition Analysis


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Steven A. Finkler

Dr. Steven A. Finkler is Professor Emeritus of Public and Health Administration, Accounting, and Financial Management at New York University’s Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service (NYU Wagner). At NYU Wagner he headed the specialization in health services financial management for more than 20 years. Dr. Finkler is an award-winning teacher, author, and researcher.Among his publications are 31 books, including Financial Management for Nurse Managers and Executives, 5th ed. (with Cheryl Jones and Christine T. Kovner, 2018); Accounting Fundamentals for Health Care Management, 3rd ed. (with Thad Calabrese and David Ward, 2019);... More About Author

Thad Daniel Calabrese

Thad D. Calabrese, PhD, is associate professor of public and nonprofit financial management at NYU Wagner, and is director of the school’s finance specialization. His research focuses on not-for-profit and government accounting and finance and is published in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, Public Budgeting & Finance, Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, National Tax Journal, Public Finance Review, and Nonprofit Management & Leadership (NML), among others. In addition, he has served in several member-elected positions, including... More About Author

Daniel L. Smith

Daniel L. Smith, PhD, is Associate Dean for the Social Sciences in the College of Arts & Sciences and Associate Professor in the Biden School at the University of Delaware. His research focuses on state government budgeting and financial management and appears in Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART), Public Administration Review (PAR), Public Budgeting & Finance, and Public Choice, among others. In addition, he has been coeditor of JPART and has served on PAR’s editorial board. Dr. Smith is a past chair of the Association for Budgeting and Financial Management and a... More About Author