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Fifty Years of Higher Education in India

Fifty Years of Higher Education in India
The Role of the University Grants Commission

First Edition
  • Amrik Singh - Former Vice Chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala

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December 2003 | 257 pages | SAGE India
`A very useful reader, providing an excellent and authentic perspective on higher education and UGC in India' - Educational Review

The University Grants Commission, which began functioning under an executive order in 1953, enters its Golden Jubilee year on 28 December 2003. From the time the UGC was set up, there has been an exponential growth in the number of higher academic institutions which today employ more than 400,000 teachers with a student body in excess of 9 million. The present chaotic situation is compounded by the recent mushrooming of private educational institutions.

This study of the functioning of the UGC and, indirectly, of fifty years of higher education in India critically examines the way in which the UGC has performed since its inception and determines the reasons for its failure. Dr Amrik Singh maintains that the powers given to the UGC are severely limited and this, combined with poor internal management, has made it a largely ineffective body.

The author offers a number of practical solutions that could go a long way towards ameliorating the problems facing the UGC today. These include:
- Amending the UGC Act to grant it more statutory powers
- Adequate financial and administrative support from the Ministry of Human Resource Development
- Expanding the UGC`s role of accreditation
- Strengthening the educational structure at the state level
- Designing and implementing new modes of testing in universities and colleges
- Giving priority to postgraduate teaching and research
- Encouraging teachers to take a greater leadership role
- Developing mechanisms for student assessment of teachers

Foundation and Role of the University Grants Commission
Other Professional Bodies
Problems of Coordination
The Centre-State Business
The Reconstituted University Grants Commission
University Grants Commission and Accreditation
Postgraduate Education
The University Grants Commission and the Ph.D. Degree
Revitalising the University Grants Commission
The Indian University Grants Commission
Student Assessment of Teachers
A Note on Teacher Leadership

`A very useful reader, providing an excellent and authentic perspective on higher education and UGC in India' - Educational Review

Amrik Singh

Amrik Singh has held numerous positions during his long and distinguished career including serving as Director of the South Delhi Campus, Delhi University (1973–75); Vice-Chancellor, Punjabi University, Patiala (1977–79); and Professor of English, Punjabi University (1963–65). He was also Secretary of the Association of Indian Universities (1965–82), and Visiting Professor for Educational Policy at the University of Wisconsin (1969–70). Dr Singh has written extensively on issues affecting higher education in India. In addition, he has founded and edited two journals; the Journal of University Education (1962–67) and Indian Book Chronicle:... More About Author

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