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Fieldwork with Children

Fieldwork with Children

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Qualitative Research

April 1998 | 173 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
While there is an expanding literature of qualitative studies with children, there is relatively little that examines the actual fieldwork process with them. This book looks at fieldwork with children from a number of perspectives, and helps to address the needs of researchers working with children.

Robyn M Holmes overviews the study of children in the early chapters, discussing basic methodology and considering the school as the primary site for studying children. In later chapters, she examines closely how a researcher's personal attributes, such as gender and ethnicity, can and do affect research with children.

Robyn M. Holmes

Robyn M. Holmes is a Professor of Psychology and Associated Faculty member in the History and Anthropology Department at Monmouth University. Her teaching and research interests reflect interdisciplinary and cultural perspectives. Her research which often involves her students includes play, recess, children’s cognition, and early childhood education. Her recent research explores the connections between play, culture, and learning. She is the author of the Oxford work, Cultural psychology: Exploring culture and mind in diverse communities and the Sage works, How young children perceive race and Fieldwork with children. Other works include... More About Author

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