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Fieldwork for Social Research

Fieldwork for Social Research
A Student's Guide

November 2023 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The book has complete coverage of the fieldwork research process; how to understand and do. With extensive learning features throughout, it will help students to delve into fieldwork within social research in much greater detail. 

A step-by-step introduction to successful fieldwork, this guide will help you to plan, design, conduct, and share your research. Packed with practical tools and real-world examples, it includes:

·       Field tested checklists for each stage of your research,

·       A glossary with key, highlighted terms

·       Postcards from fieldwork experts providing global case studies

·       Further reading that expands social theory into applied research,

·       Advice on effective virtual research within digital and hybrid settings as well face-to face fieldwork.

Clear, pragmatic, and multidisciplinary this is the perfect book to open your eyes, ears, and minds to the world of fieldwork.

Richard Phillips is a Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sheffield.

Jennifer Johns is a Professor of Management at the University of Bristol.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Part I: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Fieldwork and the Field
Chapter 3: Curiosity and Research Design
Part II: Critical Fieldwork
Chapter 4: Working Together
Chapter 5: Ethical Fieldwork
Chapter 6: Decolonising Fieldwork
Part III: Methods in Context
Chapter 7: Interviews and Conversations
Chapter 8: Participant Observation, Participatory Fieldwork
Chapter 9: Visual Fieldwork
Chapter 10: Digital Fieldwork
Chapter 11: Social Media for Fieldwork
Chapter 12: Multisensory and Embodied Fieldwork
Chapter 13: Exploring with Secondary Sources
Chapter 14: Understanding and Handling Data
Chapter 15: Takeaways - for Work and Life

Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips is Professor in Human Geography at the University of Sheffield.  More About Author

Jennifer Johns

Dr Jennifer Johns is Lecturer in Organization and Management at the University of Liverpool.  More About Author

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