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Feminists and Science

Feminists and Science
Critiques and Changing Perspectives in India

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Sumi Krishna - Former President, Indian Association for Women’s Studies
  • Gita Chadha - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai.

Volume: 2

March 2017 | 380 pages | SAGE Stree

A feminist analysis of the gendered concepts and practices of science, showing how science and technology impact women’s bodies, lives and work

Feminists and Science, volume 2, critiques the relationship between science, gender and patriarchies in the Indian context from a multi-disciplinary perspective. This volume addresses the complexity of local knowledge and the politics of knowledge-making, interrogates how creativity and the practices of science are gendered, explores the methodologies of doing science differently and moves towards a more inclusive pedagogy. It draws upon the experience of how science and technology has impacted Indian women, going beyond the problems of women scientists in institutions, and offers a pioneering contribution to both science and women’s studies.

Sumi Krishna
Understanding Gender and Science in India: Institutions and Beyond
Gita Chadha
Tracking a Consciousness: Questions, Dilemmas and Conundrums of Science Criticism in India
Kanchana Mahadevan
Contextual Empiricism and Local Community: Postcolonial Reflections on Longino
Meena Gopal
Traditional Knowledge and Feminist Dilemmas: Experience of the Midwives of the Barber Caste in South Tamil Nadu
Meghana Kelkar
Journeying through an ‘Alien Terrain’: Feminist Research Methodology and Local Knowledge on Soil Management
Gita Chadha, Sumi Krishna and Unnati Tripathi
'Blue Flower Mentoring’: Interview with ViditaVaidya
Kamala Ganesh
The Healing Touch: Dr V.Shanta’s Journeys in Cancer Treatment and Care
Chayanika Shah
Body, Reproduction and Technology: Local Subversions and Global Regressions
Asha Achuthan
Feminism and Science: Present-Day Notes for a Feminist Standpoint Epistemology
Madhumita Mazumdar
Science and the Making of a New nationalist Masculinity in Colonial Bengal
Gita Chadha
Fingerprints and Erasures: Mapping the Creative Process in Science
Gita Chadha and Unnati Tripathi
Science in Architecture and Architecture in Science: A Conversation with Neera Adarkar
Ipshita Chanda
Gender and Science: The Fiction of Lila Majumdar
Anitha Kurup
Gender, Science and Technology Education in India
Sugra Chunawala and Chitra Natrajan
An Inclusive Science and technology Education Curriculum at School Level

… provide(s) the basis to reimagine ways forward. 

Vineeta Bal,
Staff Scientist, National Institute of Immunology, Journal of Gender Studies

“… provide(s) the basis to reimagine ways forward.”

Vineeta Bal,
Staff Scientist, National Institute of Immunology, Journal of Gender Studies

Sumi Krishna

Sumi Krishna is a distinguished independent scholar and former President of the Indian Association for Women’s Studies. She has over 40 years of experience in environment, development and gender, encompassing biodiversity, natural resource management, people’s movements and livelihood issues; has advised universities and institutions on integrating science and social science curricula and methodologies. She is a widely published author and is based in Bengaluru. More About Author

Gita Chadha

Gita Chadha is Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Mumbai. She has taught for over 10 years at the undergraduate level; designed and taught the first Feminist Science Studies course at TISS, Mumbai; designed pedagogic initiatives for integrating science and social science teaching conducted by the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bengaluru. More About Author

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