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Feminist Reconstructions in Psychology

Feminist Reconstructions in Psychology
Narrative, Gender, and Performance

October 2000 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Feminist Reconstructions in Psychology introduces a distinctive new mode in doing psychology. This psychology is based on an increasingly popular range of ideas called social constructionism. Within the book, new forms of theory and methods of inquiry relating social constructionism to feminist topics are introduced. Each chapter highlights different topics of special concern within gender studies, especially the psychology of women.

The book draws from the central tenets of postmodern inquiry, as played out in the positive framework of social constructionism. Emphasized are reflexivity, the social basis of reality making, the breakdown of traditional narrative forms, the loss of objectivity as a scientific standard, and the possibilities for new forms of doing research. In this respect, the book is unique and serves to provide a point of view on an intriguing movement that is gaining momentum across the social sciences and humanities.

The Emergence of Feminist Postmodern Psychology
Life Stories
Pieces of a Dream

Gendered Narratives
Bodies under Construction

Talking about Menopause
A Dialogue

Social Ghosts
Opening Inquiry on Imaginal Relationships

Gaze and the Naked Maja
Si(gh)tes for Controversy

Woman as Spectacle, or Facing Off
Cavorting with Carn-ival Knowledge

Against Mod Mascu-linity and Post-Mod Macho
A Feminist End-Game


“The book
is seriously provocative. It challenges all psychologists to be feminist and experimental
in their research. It is worth reading because of what we might find out if we

Contemporary Psychology

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Mary M. Gergen

Dr. Gergen is Professor Emerita at Penn State University, Brandywine, in the Philadelphia area.  She has taught courses in many subfields in psychology and in Women's Studies.  Her major academic focus has been on social constructionist theory and feminism.  Currently she is an officer in the Taos Institute, a non-profit educational organization.  She also advises Ph.D. students in applied social science fields.   Her work has taken her to many countries around the glove, most recently Nanjing, China.   Recent collaborators include Kenneth J. Gergen and Ellen Cole. More About Author

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