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Fashion & Luxury Marketing

Fashion & Luxury Marketing

  • Michael R. Solomon - Professor of Marketing, Saint Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, USA
  • Mona Mrad - Assistant Professor of Marketing, American University of Sharjah
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April 2022 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Written by marketing experts, this authoritative and comprehensive full-colour textbook made up of both accessible research and theory, real-world examples and case studies including Prada, Gucci and Burberry, provides students with an overview of the global fashion industry and fashion marketing, strategy, branding, communications, retailing and distribution, as well as the psychological factors involved in consuming fashion and luxury.

The role of social media, celebrities and influencers such as Kim Kardashian and Lil Miquela are discussed, as is the ever-increasing role of ethical fashion and sustainability. The authors also offer an expanded view of fashion and luxury by moving beyond just clothing and apparel to include other fashionable and luxurious products and services, including technology.   Packed with attractive visuals from fashion and culture, and accompanied by chapter summaries, questions and exercises, this textbook is essential reading for students studying fashion, luxury, marketing, management, retailing, branding and communications. Also provided for educators are supporting PowerPoint slides and an instructor’s manual to support use of the textbook with students. Suitable for Fashion Marketing/Fashion Consumer Behaviour modules as well as a general text for Fashion Marketing programmes. The text will also appeal to Luxury programmes (MBA etc) and Retail Marketing modules (UG).
SECTION I: Introduction to Fashion Marketing
Chapter 1: Fashion Marketing: An introduction
Chapter 2: The Big Picture of the Fashion Industry
Chapter 3: Understanding Fashion Change
Chapter 4: Ethical and Sustainable Fashion
SECTION II: Fashion Marketing Strategy
Chapter 5: Strategic Planning and Marketing Insights
Chapter 6: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
SECTION III: How Consumers Think About and Choose Fashion
Chapter 7: Micro Factors: Perception, Learning and Attitudes
Chapter 8: Individual Consumer Dynamics: Motivation and the Self-Concept
Chapter 9: Macro Factors: Group and Social Influence and Fashion Opinion Leadership
SECTION IV: Applying the Marketing Mix
Chapter 10: Product Development, Branding and Pricing
Chapter 11: Fashion Marketing Communications
Chapter 12: Fashion Retailing and Distribution

What a fantastic book! All key fashion marketing concepts, models and strategies are covered and directly applied to the contemporary fashion industry, making it a rare and valuable resource. A must-have for all students and lecturers across all fashion business courses!

Dr Rosy Boardman
Senior Lecturer of Fashion Business, Department of Materials, University of Manchester

This book is a tour de force in explaining and framing the specificities of fashion and luxury consumption. It combines classic marketing frameworks, such as the 4Ps, with ones specific to the industry, such as the Fashion Marketing Mix. The book features a wealth of case studies that reflect a diverse cultural landscape of fashion and luxury consumption practices.

Professor Benjamin G. Voyer
Cartier chaired Professor of Behavioural Science, ESCP Business School

Solomon and Mrad do an excellent job of distilling the complex, global fashion system through clear examples and case studies. Readers will come away with a focused understanding of the nuances of fashion industry within the context of marketing.

Joshua Williams
President, Fashion Consort, Assistant Professor, Parsons School of Design

Written in an accessible style and illustrated throughout with examples and case studies, this book covers a wide range of business strategy and consumer behaviour content across historical and contemporary fashion and luxury, providing insights into fashion as both a dynamic global industry and a significant cultural phenomenon. The authors’ approach reinforces the need to continually analyse the marketing environment by highlighting shifting industry and consumer trends and provides discussion starters on how consumers think about fashion’s contemporary issues including sustainable fashion, ethical business, technological innovations and data privacy.

Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas
Professor of Marketing and Sustainable Business, British School of Fashion, Glasgow Caledonian University London

The fashion system has its own rules of communication and marketing and, moreover, is subject to rapid changes and transformations. This book explains the intrinsic link between fashion and luxury both by explaining it from a historical point of view, also through case studies, and by dealing with contemporary changes. The result is an in-depth work from a historical, cultural and sociological, as well as marketing, point of view. A section entirely dedicated to consumer choices and their motivations completes the panorama of topics covered. In short, a work that sheds precious light on the crucial sectors of the fashion system and luxury.

Mauro Ferraresi
Associate Professor of Sociology of Communication, Director of the Master Made in Italy, Iulm University

Finally, a fashionable book about fashion: a must read for those aiming for a career in the industry, but not only!

Roberto Donà
Professor of Practice in Management, Associate Dean for Corporate Engagement, International Business School Suzhou (IBSS), Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

This textbook is born canonical since it very successfully reconciles fashion and luxury marketing that have long been viewed as opposite if not contradictory. It provides extremely powerful insights to both students and practitioners since it covers with precise examples and illustrations all the stages of fashion marketing. By embracing the many sides of this complex phenomenon called fashion, this book invites the reader on an a rich historical, sociological, behavioural and managerial journey. A real tour de force that should be praised since it fills an obvious gap in the literature.

Professor Benoît Heilbrunn
Professor of Marketing, ESCP Business School

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Chapter 4: Ethical and Sustainable Fashion

Michael R. Solomon

Michael R. Solomon, Ph.D., is the Dirk Warren '50 Sesquicentennial Chair and Professor of Marketing in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, U.S.A. Professor Solomon’s primary research interests include consumer behavior and lifestyle issues, branding strategy, the psychology of fashion, and marketing applications of virtual worlds and other new media. Professor Solomon is frequently quoted in magazines and newspapers, including Newsweek, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, and he is a Contributor at He has served as a consultant to... More About Author

Mona Mrad

Mona Mrad is an Assistant Professor in Marketing at the American University of Sharjah. She holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Manchester, UK. She has also obtained a degree in fashion design from ESMOD and attended fashion courses at the London College of Fashion in the UK. Mona's research interests fall in the general area of consumer behaviour, technology and innovation, and fashion/luxury marketing. She is particularly interested in researching the consumer-brand relationship, as well as the excessive buying behaviour phenomena toward brands and products, in particular toward fashion and luxury brands. Her research has... More About Author

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