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Family Violence

Family Violence
Prevention and Treatment

344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What factors contribute to family violence and how can they be identified early so that future violence can be prevented? Addressing these and related issues, the papers in this volume are a testimony to the rapid expansion of research, theory and practice in the family violence field.

Leading researchers and clinicians explore the roots of family violence, including both physical and sexual abuse, and examine assessment, treatment and prevention. Topics addressed include whether children or the elderly are at greater risk, and the role of substance abuse in family violence.

Thomas P Gullotta
Introduction to the Series
Richard J Gelles
Family Violence
Joel S Milner and Julie L Crouch
Physical Child Abuse
Jon R Conte
Sexual Abuse of Children
Christopher M Murphy and Michele Cascardi
Psychological Aggression and Abuse in Marriage
Frances A Boudreau
Elder Abuse
Jo-Ellen Asbury
Violence in Families of Color in the US
Theodore J Stein
Legal Perspectives on Family Violence against Children
Gary M Blau, Mary Butteweg Dall and Lynette M Anderson
The Assessment and Treatment of Violent Families
Donna Harrington and Howard Dubowitz
What Can Be Done To Prevent Child Maltreatment?
Heather R Hayes and James G Emshoff
Substance Abuse and Family Violence
Robert L Hampton and Alice F Washington Coner-Edwards
Physical and Sexual Violence in Marriage
Edward W Gondolf
Male Batterers

Robert L. Hampton

Thomas P. Gullotta

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Gerald R. Adams

Gerald Adams is a Professor of Family Relations and Human Development. He joined the University of Guelph faculty in 1990. Prior to immigration to Canada, he was a professor and chair of the Department of Family and Human Development at Utah State University.  He holds degrees in sociology, education, child psychology, human development and family studies.  More About Author