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Families and the Mental Health System for Children and Adolescents

Families and the Mental Health System for Children and Adolescents
Policy, Services, and Research

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March 1996 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume describes a myriad of policy, research and practice issues related to families of children with serious emotional disorders. It centres on families' direct and indirect roles in children's mental health services - for example, families can determine if and when the child enters treatment, and they can provide the context within which all therapeutic gains are played out.

The contributors discuss: family-centred service delivery characteristics and strategies; society's role in strengthening the family and preventing emotional disorders in children and young people; supports for and barriers to parent-professional partnerships; the complexities of assessing family functioning; and culturally sensitive service delivery. Throughout the book, consideration is given to the complexity and diversity of families, and the resultant impact upon service delivery.

Sheila A Pires and Beth A Stroul
Family Issues in Health Care Reform
Richard W Hunter and Barbara J Friesen
Family-Centered Services for Children with Emotional, Behavioral or Mental Disorders
George W Albee and Silvia Sara Canetto
A Family-Focused Model of Prevention
Mary C Telesford
Implementing Community Mental Health Programs
Lessons Learned from the Mental Health Initiative for Urban Children

Diane T Marsh
Families of Children and Adolescents with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Innovations in Theory, Research and Practice

Craig Anne Heflinger and Leonard Bickman
Family Empowerment
A Conceptual Model for Promoting Parent-Professional Partnership

Joan M Patterson
Family Research Methods
Issues and Strategies

Bernard L Bloom
The Colorado Family Assessment
A Computer-Based Procedure for Multilevel Family Evaluation

James L Mason, Marva P Benjamin and Sarah A Lewis
The Cultural Competence Model
Implications for Child and Family Mental Health Services

Ellen E Pinderhughes
Alternate Paths to Family Status and Implications for Mental Health Service Delivery and Policy
Adoptive and Foster Families

Carolyn E Cutrona et al
Mental Health Services for Rural Children, Youth and Their Families

Craig Anne Heflinger

Carol T. Nixon

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