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Exploring Rating Scale Functioning for Survey Research

Exploring Rating Scale Functioning for Survey Research

176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Items with ordered response categories are common in survey research, such as when respondents are asked how much they agree with certain statements (1=strongly agree to 5=strongly disagree). But how large are the differences between categories of response, and how well do they distinguish between respondents? This volume is the first to introduce the evaluation of rating scales to an audience of survey researchers. Evaluating Rating Scale Functioning for Survey Research provides researchers with an overview of rating scale analysis along with practical guidance on how to conduct such analyses with their own survey data. Author Stefanie A. Wind presents three categories of methods: Rasch models; non-Rasch Item Response Theory (IRT) models; and non-parametric models, together with practical examples. Tutorials, datasets, and software code (R and Facets) to accompany the book are available on the book’s website.

Chapter 1: What is Rating Scale Analysis?
Chapter 2: Rasch Models for Rating Scale Analysis
Chapter 3: Illustration of Rating Scale Analysis with Polytomous Rasch Models
Chapter 4: Non-Rasch IRT Models for Rating Scale Analysis
Chapter 5: Nonparametric Measurement Models for Rating Scale Analysis
Chapter 6: Summary and Resources for Further Study

This book makes a valuable contribution to the field of rating scale analysis, and one that methodologists in the field of psychometrics should strongly consider.

Mark Ellickson
Missouri State University

Wind takes the complex topic of evaluating rating scales, and explains the core issues researchers must address throughout the process.

Charles P. Kost II
Colorado Technical University

This book comprehensively covers the analytical models and techniques for rating scale analysis. The author uses plain and clear language to explain all the models, equations, and illustrations of rating scale analysis in the book. I appreciate that the author makes the data and all software scripts available.

Yi-Hsin Chen
University of South Florida

This book includes much good content will help students and researchers with their survey research, along with some great examples.

Jingshun Zhang
Florida Gulf Coast University

Stefanie A. Wind