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Explaining Primary Science

Explaining Primary Science

Second Edition
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March 2020 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Successful science teaching in primary schools requires a careful understanding of key scientific knowledge. This book covers all the major areas of science relevant for beginning primary school teachers, explaining key concepts from the ground up, helping trainees develop into confident science educators.

This new edition comes with:

·         New guidance on teaching primary science today

·         Activities to enhance your understanding of key teaching topics

·         Links to national curricula for England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand

·         Videos of useful science experiments and demonstrations for the primary classroom


Introduction: Teaching primary science today
Chapter 1: Biodiversity
Chapter 2: Ecosystems
Chapter 3: Microorganisms and Cells
Chapter 4: Using Plants
Chapter 5: Using Animals
Chapter 6: Variations and Adaptation
Chapter 7: Animal Behaviour
Chapter 8: Types of Matter
Chapter 9: Properties and Uses of Matter
Chapter 10: Materials from the Earth
Chapter 11: Chemical Changes
Chapter 12: Water and its Uses
Chapter 13: Space
Chapter 14: Energy
Chapter 15: Electricity
Chapter 16: Light
Chapter 17: Sound
Chapter 18: Forces
Chapter 19: Gravity and Weight


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Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers worked in industry prior to attending Jordanhill College of Education where he qualified as a physics and mathematics teacher. He then taught in a number of schools and was head of physics for over fourteen years. Whilst at school he was seconded on a number of occasions as staff trainer in physics and science. He was appointed lecturer in physics education (Initial Teacher Education) at the University of Strathclyde in 1999 and senior lecturer in 2003. He was also head of department for STEM education from 2003–2005 and a member of the Physics Qualifications Development Team which produced the new physics curricula in... More About Author

Nicholas Souter

Nicholas (Nicky) Souter’s first science lesson in ‘the big school’ included being told that the universe consists of matter and energy. That elegant and intriguing starting point was the hook that set him on a lifelong journey of sharing science with school pupils and teachers. He possesses undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications in life science and in education awarded by the University of Glasgow, Jordanhill College of Education, Paisley College of Technology and the Royal Society of Biology. He established a reputation as an innovative secondary science practitioner and leader while developing a profile in curriculum development,... More About Author