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Expecting Excellence in Urban Schools

Expecting Excellence in Urban Schools
7 Steps to an Engaging Classroom Practice

January 2017 | SAGE AdvantEDGE
A comprehensive approach to achieve real and lasting change with urban students!In high-poverty, urban, minority classrooms, teachers often struggle to engage their students emotionally, intellectually, and behaviorally. Drawing on his more than twenty years of experience working with high-poverty, urban, minority students, Jelani Jabari delivers

- Seven cohesive steps for planning, delivering, and reflecting on captivating learning experiences

- Techniques for gathering critical information about your students to forge deeper connections

- Strategies to transform students' perceived "deficits" into instructional assets

- An emphasis on teaching methods and classroom culture, not simply standards and accountability engagement.

Foreword by Marcia L. Tate
1. The Engaging Educational Practice
2. Inspect to Inspire: Become a Scholar of Your Students
3. Nurture Their Attributes: Turning Commonly Perceived Deficits Into Classroom Deposits
4. Sew Success Into Your Instructional Fabric
5. Partner to Make Emotional Connections
6. Intersect Their Interests and Experiences With Instruction
7. Reflect on Practice as a Tool of Improvement
8. Expect Nothing Short of Excellence
Appendix: Interest Inventory

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Jelani Jabari

Jelani Jabari, Ph.D, is the founder and president of Pedagogical Solutions, LLC, an educational consulting firm that transforms classrooms into centers of excellence. Prior to this, he was a middle school administrator for three years and a teacher for 10 years in the Detroit Public Schools. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Evaluation and Research and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction. More About Author


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