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Executing the Mentally Ill

Executing the Mentally Ill
The Criminal Justice System and the Case of Alvin Ford

216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Based on the case of Alvin Ford, an American death row inmate, this thought-provoking book focuses on the issues raised when the criminal justice system attempts to apply the death penalty to the mentally impaired.

Issues addressed include: the definition of mental illness for the purposes of exemption from execution; the evaluation of competence for execution by mental health professionals; the consequences of disagreements among health professionals about a defendant's mental status; and the fate of prisoners who are exempted. Ford's unique case leads the authors to examine more general issues such as the involvement of health professionals in modern capital sentencing, as well as the administration of the death penalty in the United States today.

Drawing the Lines
Who Lives and Who Dies?

An Introduction to Alvin Ford
Family Background, the Crime, and Trial

Anticipating and Enduring the First Death Warrant

Psychological Deterioration and the Road to the Supreme Court

Physicians, Mental Health Professionals, and the Death Penalty
Alvin Ford and the Courts
Additional Issues

Competence for Execution
The Supreme Court Speaks

Back to Federal Court
The 1988 Hearing and Beyond

The Cure That Kills

Kent Miller

Michael L. Radelet

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