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Evolution of Banking System in India since 1900

Evolution of Banking System in India since 1900

First Edition
  • O. P. Chawla - Former Director and Professor, National Institute of Bank Management, Pune

July 2019 | 332 pages | SAGE India
Evolution of Banking System in India since 1900 presents a detailed analysis of the evolution, growth and development of the Indian banking system in the last 117 years, from 1900 to 2017. The book focuses on major events that have significantly impacted the banking system to change the course of its history. It covers major policy, structural, regulatory and legislative changes that formed the background as well as the springboard of the working of banks, followed by a detailed analysis of the significant financials. It also uncovers the most significant events and developments of scheduled commercial banking, which has evolved from a small unorganized system to a technology-oriented regulated one.  
Foreword by Narayanan Vaghul
1. Pre-Independence Period (1900–1946): Evolution of Commercial Banking
Pre-20th Century Era
Pre-Independence 20th Century
The Financials
The 21st-Century Banks: 1946
Summary: The Initial Phase of an Evolving System
2. The Transient Years (1947–1949): A Bruised Banking System Continues to Decline
A Disruptive Change Over
The Fast-Changing Banking Scene
Filling the Institutional Gaps
The Financials: 1947–1949
The 21st-Century Banks: 1949
At the Close of 1949
Annexure: Statements
3. The First Transformation (1950–1968): Three Strands of Change
Another Stressful Period
Three Strands of Bank Transformation
The Financials: 1950–1968
The 21st-Century Banks: 1968
Summary: 1950–1968
Annexure: Statements
4. The Second Transformation (1969–1990-91): Bank Nationalization, Focus on Rural Banking
The Defining Event of Indian Banking
Other Economic-Banking Developments
Banking for Rural Development
Non-disclosure in Financial Statements
The Financials: 1969–1990-91
The 21st-Century Banks: 1991
1969–1991: Revolutionary Changes
Annexure: Statements
5. The Third Transformation (1991-92–2010-11): From Regulation to Liberalization
First Decade of Reforms: 1991-92–2000-01
Second Decade of Reforms: 2001-02–2010-11: Continuity and Consolidation
The Financials: 1991-92–2010-11
The 21st-Century Banks: 2011
Summary Review: 1991-92–2010-11
Annexure: Statements
6. A Century of Banking in India: Rooted to National Purpose
The Kaleidoscope of Indian Banking
Evolution and Development of the Banking System
Nationalization of Banks
The National Purpose
The Financials: 1949–2011
The 21st-Century Banks: 1946–2011 (Seventh and Last in Series)
Concluding Thoughts
7. Epilogue: Decline of PSBs and Strategies for a Turnaround (2011-12–2016-2017)
Decline of PSBs
Persistence of NPAs
NPA Management: New Laws and Strategies
Ownership + Management: Not a Good Governance Practice
Bringing About a Turnaround
Appendix: Statistical Tables Relating to Banks in India since 1913: A Critique
Introduction to Statistical Tables
Changing Contents of Statistical Tables
Errors of Omission and Commission
Concluding Remarks

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O. P. Chawla

Om Prakash Chawla, MCom, PhD, is a former director and professor of NIBM, Pune. He was the director, NIBM, during 1991–1994 and professor at NIBM during 1980–1994.Dr Chawla had a brilliant academic career at Birla College at Pilani, from where he topped in the BCom and MCom degree examinations of the University of Rajasthan. He remained a teacher in his entire career from 1955 to 1994. Much of his academic career from 1955 to 1975 was spent in the Universities of Rajasthan and Udaipur, first as a lecturer and then as a reader in the Faculties of Commerce and Management. He secured his PhD degree on... More About Author

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