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Evidence-based Practice in Nursing

Evidence-based Practice in Nursing

Second Edition
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168 pages | Learning Matters
The need for an evidence base for nursing practice is widely accepted. However, what constitutes evidence and how you as a nurse might apply it to your practice is not always clear. This book guides you through the process of identifying, appraising and applying evidence in nursing practice. It explores a wide range of differing sources of evidence and knowledge, and helps students to develop key skills of critiquing research and using evidence in clinical decision making.

The second edition includes practical examples of getting evidence and research into practice, the importance of considering multiple perspectives as evidence, new material on systematic reviews and secondary research, new case studies from each field of practice, a clearer colour text design and additional examples and activities on the website for the book.

Key Features:

-Each chapter is linked to relevant NMC Standards and Essential Skills Clusters so you can see what is required in order to become a registered nurse

-Scenarios and case studies show you how evidence-based approaches can be used successfully in your nursing practice

-Activities help you to build confidence inyour evidence-based practice.

Peter Ellis is Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing at Canterbury Christ Church University and Programme Director for Health and Social Care Interprofessional Practice.

About the Authors
Guide to the Companion Website
Peter Ellis
Towards an Inclusive Model of Evidence-based Care
Kay Hutchfield
Sources of Knowledge for Evidence-based Care
Peter Ellis
Critiquing Research: the Generic Elements
Peter Ellis
Critiquing Research: Approach-specific Elements
Lioba Howatson-Jones
Making Sense of Subjective Experience
Peter Ellis
Collaborative Working to Achieve Evidence-Based Care
Mooi Standing
Clinical Decision-Making in Evidence-Based Nursing
Peter Ellis
Getting Evidence into Practice

Praise for Previous Edition

'This book is an excellent text for students at all stages of their course, either for introducing or developing their understanding of Evidence-based practice. It is easy to read and identifies resources for the readers to access' -

Karen Hayward, University Campus Suffolk

'An excellent text, I have recommended it to the students who are undertaking my Evidence Based Health Care & Research Module. Thank you' -
Lisa Whiting, University of Hertfordshire

'An excellent introductory text for those students moving on from understanding research methods, to critiquing and evaluating the evidence. A great companion volume to Ellis' Understanding Research for Nursing Students' -

Anji Waring, University of Plymouth

'An excellent text which will guide the student to understand the importance of evidence in application to nursing practice. The case studies are particularly helpful in demonstrating the link to nursing practice' -
Marguerita Leyden, University of Salford


This text is a useful companion for the students as they develop through the programme. The chapters are supported by useful references and web links for them to further develop their reading. It is very readable and students will be able to dip in and out in relation to their assignment, practice placement or issue of interest.

Caroline E Gibson
Professional Lead – Nursing, Division of Nursing, Occupational Therapy and Arts Therapies, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

The book deconstructs what is thought of by most as a complex topic, it does so by offering bite sized chunks and provides excellent insights how to apply this in practice...This book is aimed at students on degree courses. It would certainly be of benefit to nurses who perhaps have not undertaken a module or course in evidence based practice, acting as a practical guide to enhance the development of practice.

Liz Lees
clinical doctoral research fellow (NIHR), Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham

This is very comprehensive and informative. Recommended to students

Mrs Janette Barker
H.E Care, Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
October 8, 2015

Simple and easy to read for students, recommended to Undergraduate Nursing students on the BSc (Hons) programme

Miss Leanne Smith
Health and Social Care at Derby, Derby University
July 7, 2015

I would encourage all nursing students to read this text.

Mr Nigel Green
Inst of Nursing & Midwifery, Brighton University
May 19, 2015

This text is essential reading for second year students to understand the complexity of implementing evidence into practice. An easy read for a complex issue.

Mrs Beryl Cooledge
School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University
March 10, 2015

Student friendly book with easy to follow text and examples and well laid out

Mrs Pamela Holland
Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
January 26, 2015

I highly recommend this book to students, it give a clear and easy to understand overview of evidence based practice.

Mrs Debbie Watkinson
Nursing, Counselling & Psychotherapy, Derby University
January 22, 2015

Easy to read text, excellent for those undertaking the Evidence based practice modules. The activities included promote growth and development and encourage the reader to make links from theory to practice.

Mrs Tracey Rogers
Faculty of Health, University of Central Lancashire
January 12, 2015

Sample Materials & Chapters

Sample chapter - Chapter 1

Peter Ellis

Peter Ellis is an independent nursing and health and social care writer and consultant, and CEO of Intelligent Care Software. Peter was most recently a Registered Manager and Nursing Director in the Hospice and social care settings. Prior to this, he was a senior lecturer and programme director at Canterbury Christ Church University where he taught understanding research, among other topics, to undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students. Peter is also an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of Canterbury Christ Church University and has a special interest, including ongoing research, in palliative and end-of-life care.  More About Author