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Evidence-based Practice for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Evidence-based Practice for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Fifth Edition

May 2022 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This long-standing textbook provides a clear overview of evidence-based practice. It explores the basic prinicples of knowledge, evidence and decision making and guides students through the process of crtitquing and using evidence in their day-to-day practice. The 5th edition has been updated to reflect contemporary approaches, drawing from lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic and includes a new chapter explaining the difference between evaluation, audit and research.  

Additional features:
  • case studies, activities and end of chapter crossword puzzles help students consolidate their understanding
  • provides a collection of practical appraisal tools and templates to use when reviewing  differnet sources of research
  • extensive glossary providing clear definitions of key terminology
Part I: Introducing Evidence-based Practice
Chapter 1: Introduction: What is Evidence-based Practice?
Chapter 2: The Nature of Knowledge, Evidence and Ethical Approval
Chapter 3: Clinical Judgement and Decision Making
Chapter 4: Finding the Evidence
Conclusion to Part I
Chapter 5: What is Critical Appraisal?
Chapter 6: Critical Appraisal and Quantitative Research
Chapter 7: Critical Appraisal and Qualitative Research
Chapter 8: Systematic Reviews and Evidence-based
Conclusion to Part II
Part III: Making Changes
Chapter 9: Evaluation, Audit and Research
Chapter 10: Evidence into Practice: Practice Development, Improvement and Innovation
Chapter 11: Clinical Academic Careers
Conclusion to Part III
Part II: Critiquing the Evidence

Paul Linsley

Paul Linsley is a senior lecturer for the University of East Anglia (UEA). He teaches on a number of courses, both single and joint honours undergraduate programmes, research master’s programmes, and pre- and post-registration specialist programmes. He supervises doctoral students and sits on a number of interest panels and committees. Paul has worked on a number of research projects both as part of a team and as principal investigator. Paul has presented at international conferences and holds a number of awards. He is the author of several textbooks on nursing and health-related matters, one of which has been translated into Arabic and... More About Author

Ros Kane

Ros Kane is Principal Lecturer at the University of Lincoln.  More About Author

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