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Everyday Science Mysteries

Everyday Science Mysteries
Stories for Inquiry-Based Science Teaching

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September 2012 | 188 pages | Corwin
What causes condensation? Does temperature affect how well a balloon will fly? How do tiny bugs get into oatmeal? Through 15 mystery stories, this book memorably illustrates science concepts for students and reinforces the value of learning science through inquiry. Each mystery presents opportunities for students to create questions, form hypotheses, test their ideas, and come up with explanations. Focused on concepts such as periodic motion, thermodynamics, temperature and energy, and sound, these mysteries draw students into the stories by grounding them in experiences students are familiar with, providing them with a foundation for classroom discussion and inquiry.

The story format is used because it is one of the most effective ways to engage students' attention right from the start. Each chapter includes a list of science concepts explored, targeted strategies for using the stories with children in grades K–4 and with older students in grades 5–8, and a key matching story concepts with corresponding standards in the NSES.
Introduction: Case Studies on How to Use the Stories in the Classroom
Chapter 1: Theory Behind the Book
Chapter 2: Using the Book and the Stories
Chapter 3: The Link Between Science, Inquiry, and Language Literacy
The Stories and Background Material for Teachers
Matrix for Earth and Space Sciences
Chapter 4: Moon Tricks
Chapter 5: Where Are the Acorns?
Chapter 6: Master Gardener
Chapter 7: Frosty Morning
Chapter 8: The Little Tent That Cried
Matrix for Biological Sciences
Chapter 9: About Me.
Chapter 10: Oatmeal Bugs
Chapter 11: Dried Apples
Chapter 12: Seed Bargains
Chapter 13: Trees From Helicopters
Matrix for Physical Sciences
Chapter 14: The Magic Balloon
Chapter 15: Bocce, Anyone?
Chapter 16: Grandfather’s Clock
Chapter 17: The Neighborhood Telephone System
Chapter 18: How Cold Is Cold?
Chapter 19: Conclusion

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Chapter 14:

Foreward by Page Keeley

Richard Konicek-Moran

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