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Evaluation in the Extreme

Evaluation in the Extreme
Research, Impact and Politics in Violently Divided Societies

First Edition
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October 2015 | 348 pages | SAGE India

An exploration of the ways in which research, power and politics interact in violently divided societies

Over the past two decades, there has been an increase in the funding of research in and on violently divided societies. But how do we know whether research makes any difference to these societies—is the impact constructive or destructive? This book is the first 
to systematically explore this question through a series of case studies written by those on the front lines of applied research. It offers clear and logical ways to understand the positive or negative role that research, or any other aid intervention, might have in developing societies affected by armed conflict, political unrest and/or social violence.

Kenneth Bush and Colleen Duggan
Research, Impact and Politics in Violently Divided Societies: An Evaluative Lens for Small Scale Maps
Philip McDermott, Zahbia Yousuf, Jacqueline Strecker and Ethel Méndez
Fundamental Issues in Evaluation and Research in Violently Divided Societies: An Analysis of the Literature
Introduction to Part II
Brendan S. Whitty
The Role of Accountability and Evaluation of Research on/in Violently Divided Societies
Janaka Jayawickrama and Jacqueline Strecker
The Ethics of Evaluating Research: Views from the Field
Introduction to Part III
Colin Knox
Research within Evaluation: The Case of Northern Ireland
Kevin Kelly
Evaluation of the Influence of Research on Policy and Practice in a Post-conflict Society: HIV/AIDS Research in South Africa
Introduction to Part IV
Sonal Zaveri
Evaluation and Vulnerable Groups: Forgotten Spaces
John A Healy and John R Healy
Interpreting and Evaluating a Non-profit Organisation in a Divided Society: A Funder’s Perspective
Introduction to Part V
Katherine Hay
Building the field of Evaluation in Violently Divided Societies
Colleen Duggan and Kenneth Bush
Lessons for Researchers and Evaluators Working ‘in the Extreme’

Kenneth Bush

Kenneth Bush is Executive Director and Altajir Lecturer in Post-war Recovery Studies at the Post-war Reconstruction and Development Unit of the University of York, UK. He received his PhD in International Relations and Comparative Politics from Cornell University, New York. Throughout his career, Dr Bush has worked within and between the worlds of research, policy and practice, inside and outside conflict zones. His work seeks to bridge the gap between peace studies and evaluation— in particular, his work focuses on peace and conflict impact assessment (PCIA) and on the ethical, political, logistical... More About Author

Colleen Duggan

Colleen Duggan is Senior Programme Specialist in the Policy and Evaluation Division of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), a research funder located in Ottawa, Canada. Colleen brings her expertise in human rights and the rule of law in violence-affected settings to her work as a researcher and evaluator. Between 2001 and 2005, Colleen developed IDRC’s programming in Latin America on peace and conflict and women’s rights. She worked for more than a decade in a programming and policy capacity with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and with the United Nations Development Programme... More About Author

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