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Evaluating School Programs

Evaluating School Programs
An Educator's Guide

Third Edition
Edited by:

November 2005 | 104 pages | Corwin
Updated from the bestselling second edition, this resource provides concise, yet comprehensive coverage of school programs evaluation in a highly usable format. Providing examples designed to help the reader develop competence and confidence in program evaluation, it takes the reader through the five tasks of school program evaluation:

o Focusing the evaluation

o Collecting information

o Organizing and analyzing information

o Reporting information

o Administering the evaluation

The author shows how to successfully manage the many logistical, budgetary, and scheduling problems encountered, and provides tips for dealing with school politics, ethical considerations, and interpersonal relations.

About the Authors
Introduction: The Purpose of This Guide and How to Use It
1. Why Evaluate Your School Programs?
2. Focusing the Evaluation
3. Collecting Information
4. Organizing and Analyzing Information
5. Reporting Information
6. Administering the Evaluation
Resource A: Annotated Bibliography on Program Evaluation
Resource B: Evaluation-Related Web Sites
Resource C: Taxonomy of Cognitive Objectives
Resource D: Standards for Program Evaluations

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Chapter 1

James R. Sanders

James R. Sanders is Professor of Education and Associate Director of the Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University. He received his master's degree in educational research from Bucknell University and his PhD in educational research and evaluation from the University of Colorado. He has served as a visiting professor at St. Patrick's College (in Dublin, Ireland), Utah State University, and the University of British Columbia. He is coauthor of Educational Evaluation:Theory and Practice (1973), Practices and Problems in Competency-Based Measurement (1979), Educational Evaluation: Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines (1987),... More About Author

Carolyn D. Sullins

Carolyn D. Sullins is a Senior Research Associate at The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University.  She is directing the evaluations of an after school program, a behavior management program, and a parent information resource center.  She was the project manager for the Cleveland Community Schools evaluation and has contributed to evaluations of charter schools in Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.  In addition, she was the project director for the evaluation of a university alcohol risk-reduction project.  Recently she has taught several graduate-level courses in program evaluation, including co-teaching... More About Author

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