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Evaluating Medical Tests

Evaluating Medical Tests
Objective and Quantitative Guidelines

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March 1992 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this book, Kraemer presents a systematic, objective methodology by which to determine the effectiveness of medical tests. She shows clearly and concisely how to define statistical terms and approaches consistently from study to study, how to stipulate statistical assumptions underlying various approaches, how to check for empirical validity and how to judge the robustness of statistical outcomes, resulting in models that integrate many different approaches and extend the strengths of each.
Disorder and Diagnosis
Test Protocol, Response, Referent  
Families of Test Referents
Population and Sampling
Sensitivity and Specificity
The Signal Detection Approach  
Predictive Values
The Bayesian Approach, Risk Ratios and Odds Ratio  
Choosing Clinically Optimal Tests  
Taking Test Costs into Account
Costworthy Tests  
Basic Issues in Using Multiple Tests
Evaluating Batteries of Medical Tests
Optimal Sequences  
Evaluating Batteries of Medical Tests
Optimal Scores  
Evaluating Batteries of Prognostic Tests with Variable Follow-Up Times
Evaluation of Medical Tests
The Past, Present and Future  

"This volume is a pleasure to read. It succinctly combines carefully reasoned conceptualization with the mathematical methods for addressing test evaluation problems. With clinically relevant illustrative examples, it draws on the author’s extensive experience and research in biomedical statistics. It is a classic!" 

John Rush, M.D.

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Helena Chmura Kraemer

Helena Chmura Kraemer is professor emerita of biostatistics in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. She earned her BA in mathematics from Smith College, attended Manchester University on a Fulbright Scholarship, and received her PhD in statistics from Stanford University. Kraemer’s specific research interests include improvement to randomized clinical trial methodology, assessment of reliability and validity of diagnoses and clinical measurement, and developing mathematical models for specific problems in behavioral and clinical research. She has published extensively in the behavioral as well as... More About Author

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