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European Business and Management

European Business and Management

Four Volume Set
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October 2015 | 1 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With the rising importance of Europe in an ever more globalised world, it is more crucial than ever to consider the cultural diversity across its approximately 50 countries. The European Union may have created integration across economic, political and legal spheres, but national and regional differences remain and are celebrated. When it comes to business, what, if anything, could be said to define a ‘European’ management approach, as opposed to the more famous American and Japanese examples?


This Major Work provides a deeper insight into the common elements uniting and defining European management approaches through a collection of key papers from the last 50 years. The literature is framed by an extensive introductory chapter which highlights the key concepts, themes and debates.


Volume One: Cultural Specificities and Cross-Cultural Commonalities

Volume Two: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Volume Three: Contextual Diversity and Interdisciplinary Aspects

Volume Four: Business Education and Scholarly Research

Part One: Section A: European Management Construct and Concept
European Management and European Business Schools: Insights from the History of Business Schools

Andreas Kaplan
Will Management Become ‘European’? Strategic Choice for Organizations

Keith Thurley and Hans Wirdenius
"European Management" as a Construct

Celeste Wilderom, Ursula Glunk and Giorgio Inzerilli
Developing Managers for Europe: A Re-examination of Crosscultural Differences

Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones
How European Is Management in Europe? An Analysis of Past, Present and Future Management Practices in Europe

Markus Pudelko and Anne-Wil Harzing
Part Two: Section B: European vs US Management Approach
American vs European Management Philosophy

Otto Nowotny
A Miss Manners Guide to Doing Business in Europe

John Hill and Ronald Dulek
Towards a ‘European’ Model of Human Resource Management

Chris Brewster
Redefining the Field of European Human Resource Management: A Battle between National Mindsets and Forces of Business Transition?

Paul Sparrow and Jean-Marie Hiltrop
International Human Resource Policies and Practices in Japanese, European, and United States Multinationals

Rochelle Kopp
Part Three: Section C: European vs National Management Styles
Management Development in Europe: Do National Models Persist?

Alain Klarsfeld and Christopher Mabey
Human Resource Management in Europe: Evidence from Ten Countries

Chris Brewster and Henrik Holt Larsen
Institutional and Rational Determinants of Organizational Practices: Human Resource Management in European Firms

Paul Gooderham, Odd Nordhaug and Kristen Ringdal
Cross-cultural Role Expectations in Nine European Country-units of a Multinational Enterprise

Leonardo Yaconi
Strategic Human Resource Management in Germany: Evidence of Convergence to the U.S. Model, the European Model, or a Distinctive National Model?

Marion Festing
Part One: Section A: European Business Ethics
What Ethical Leadership Means to Me: Asian, American, and European Perspectives

Christian Resick, Gillian Maring, Mary Keating, Marcus Dickson, Ho Kwong Kwan and Chunyan Peng
The Anatomy of Corporate Fraud: A Comparative Analysis of High Profile American and European Corporate Scandals

Bahram Soltani
Teaching Business Ethics: Are There Differences within Europe, and Is There a European Difference?

Laura Spence
How Business Schools Lost Their Way

Warren Bennis and John O'Toole
Twenty Years of European Business Ethics – Past Developments and Future Concerns

Luc van Liederkerke and Wim Dubbink
Part Two: Section B: European Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility: One Size Does Not Fit All. Collecting Evidence from Europe

Antonio Argandona and Heidi von Weltzien Hoivik
Corporate Social Responsibility and Psychosocial Risk Management in Europe

Aditya Jain, Stavroula Leka and Gerald Zwetsloot
Corporate Social Responsibility, Public Policy, and NGO Activism in Europe and the United States: An Institutional-Stakeholder Perspective

Jonathan Doh and Terrence Guay
Regulatory Perspectives on Business Ethics in the Curriculum

Isabelle Maignan and David Ralston
Corporate Social Responsibility in Western Europe: An Institutional Mirror or Substitute?

Gregory Jackson and Androniki Apostolakou
Part Three: Section C: European Public Administration
Public Policies on Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of Governments in Europe

Laura Alberada, Josep Lozano and Tamyko Ysa
The Corporation as a Political Actor – European and North American Perspectives

Andreas Rasche
The Increasing Importance of Public Marketing: Explanations, Applications and Limits of Marketing within Public Administration

Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein
Distinctiveness in the Study of Public Management in Europe: A Historical-Institutional Analysis of France, Germany and Italy

Walter Kickert
The Competitive (Dis)Advantages of European Business Schools

Don Antunes and Howard Thomas
Part One: Section A: European Context and Interdisciplinarity
Management in Europe: Learning from Different Perspectives

Roland Calori, Murray Steele and Etsuo Yoneyama
Discerning a Key Characteristic of a European Style of Management: Managing the Tension between Integration Opportunities and the Constraining Diversity in Europe

Peter Boone and Frans van den Bosch
On Effective Interdisciplinary Alliances in European Business Ethics Research: Discussion and Illustration

Laura Spence
On the Relationship between Interdisciplinarity and Scientific Impact

Vincent Larivière and Yves Gingras
Managerial Learning in the Transformation of Eastern Europe: Some Key Issues

John Child and André Czeglédy
Part Two: Section B: European Organizational Structure
Organization Structures of Multinational Corporations

Hans Schollhammer
The Move toward a Multidivisional Structure in European Organizations

Lawrence Franko
European Integration and Changing Corporate Structures: The Case of France

John Groenewegen
Varieties of Environmental Labelling, Market Structures, and Sustainable Consumption across Europe: A Comparative Analysis of Organizational and Market Supply Determinants of Environmental-Labelled Goods

Sebastian Koos
New Cultures, New Strategies, New Formats and New Relationships in European Retailing: Some Implications for Asia

John Dawson
Part: Section C: European Epistemology and Critical Thinking
Interdisciplinary Learning: Process and Outcomes

Lana Ivanitskaya, Deborah Clark, George Montgomery and Ronald Primeau
An Interdisciplinary/Developmental Approach to Defining, and Teaching

Larry Riggs and Sandra Hellyer-Riggs
Educating Responsible Transcultural Managers for Open Environments and Organisations

Carlos Rabassó and Javier Rabassó
Intercultural Education in Europe: Epistemological and Semantic Aspects

Agostino Portera
Cultural Adaptations to Environmental Variability: An Evolutionary Account of East–West Differences

Lei Chang, Miranda Mak, Tong Li, Bao Pei Wu, Bin Bin Chen and Hui Jing Lu
Part One: Section A: European management education
Americanization of European Management Education in Historical and Comparative Perspective

Behlül Üsdiken
The Americanization of Nordic Management Education

Lars Engwall
Imitation, Tension, and Hybridization: Multiple "Americanizations" of Management Education in Mediterranean Europe

Matthias Kipping, Behlül Üsdiken and Núria Puig
Management Education in Europe

Fremont Kast
Business Schools as a Positive Force for Fostering Societal Change: Meeting the Challenges of the Post-Crisis World

Eric Cornuel and Ulrich Hommel
Part Two: Section B: European Teaching Methods
Predicting Crosscultural Training Performance: The Validity of Personality, Cognitive Ability, and Dimensions Measured by an Assessment Center and a Behavior Description Interview

Filip Lievens, Michael Harris, Etienne van Keer and Claire Bisqueret
Regulatory Perspectives on Business Ethics in the Curriculum

Geoff Moore
Curriculum Integration and Interdisciplinary Teaching in a Business School Setting: Dilemmas for Faculty

William Hill
Operations Management Teaching on European MBA Programmes

Keith Goffin
Teaching Economics to Undergraduates in Europe: Volume, Structure, and Contents

Manfred Gärtner
Part Three: Section C: European Research Approach
Reflections on the Distinctiveness of European Management Scholarship

Robert Chia
Market Segmentation in Scientific Publications: Research Patterns in American vs European Management Journals

Sven-Olof Collin, Ulf Johansson, Katarina Svensson and Per-Ola Ulvenblad
Organizational Theory at the Crossroads: Some Reflections on European and United States Approaches to Organizational Research

Mitchell Koza and Jean-Claude Thoenig
Entrepreneurship Research in Europe: Taking Stock and Looking Forward

Friederike Welter and Frank Lasch
Entrepreneurship Education and Research in German-speaking Europe

Heinz Klandt

Andreas M. Kaplan

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