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Ethnography for Marketers

Ethnography for Marketers
A Guide to Consumer Immersion

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Ethnography | Marketing

June 2005 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`Ethnography for Marketers does an excellent job of capturing the academic aspects of ethnography but does so from a practical, useful point of view. Author Hy Mariampolski's expertise in the field is clearly communicated through the vast, in-depth coverage of the various aspects of ethnography for purposes of marketing research' - Cara Lee Okleshen Peters, Winthrop University

`I've been waiting for this book – a practical, how-to guide to conducting ethnographic studies for practitioners and clients, studies that will yield useful consumer insights that can impact marketing practice' - Ellen Day, The University of Georgia

Ethnography, with its focus on observed everyday behavior, is quickly becoming the method of choice to identify unmet needs, stimulate novel insights, create strategies and develop new ideas. Hy Mariampolski, author of Qualitative Market Research: A Comprehensive Guide (Sage, 2001) again takes readers on a voyage of discovery in Ethnography for Marketers. These two companion works are essential guides for marketers seeking rich insights into their customers' thoughts and behaviours.

Key Features

- Offers a step-by-step guide to help students and practitioners plan and execute ethnographic marketing research studies of their own

- Sets standards emphasizing best practices in ethnographic market research

- Provides real-world examples and experienced-based advice for novices and experienced market researchers

- Introduces powerful methods for new product/service innovations

- Approaches the topic cross-culturally and internationally demonstrating effective techniques for creating innovations around the world

Ethnography for Marketers is designed as a standard training and reference resource to help corporate managers and marketers design and implement ethnographic studies. It is an excellent textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying ethnography or research methods in a variety of programs including business, sociology, anthropology and education.

`Mariampolski, a sociologist by training, is not your traditional market researcher' - The Washington Post

Introducing Ethnography to Marketers
The Intellectual Heritage
The Power of Ethnography
Applications of the New Marketing Ethnography
Varieties of Ethnographies
Project Overview
Project Design Issues
Respondent Recruitment
Respondent Orientation
Logistics in the Field
Site Visit Overview
Ethnographic Foundations
Ways of Looking
What Ethnography Seeks
Approaching the Site Visit
Collecting Data
Creating and Using Observation Guides
Collecting Data
Developing Rapport With Respondents
Developing Rapport with Respondents
Motivating Respondent Cooperation
Asking Questions
Expanding Your Understanding of Respondents
Managing and Closing the Visit
Part IV. Analysis and Presentation
Introduction to Analysis and Presentation
Compiling, Organizing, and Analyzing Ethnographic Data
Interpreting and Drawing Conclusions
Quality Review
About the Author

"Ethnography for Marketers: A Guide to Consumer Immersion provides a good primer for market researchers wishing to engage in ethnographic fieldwork.  It offers useful background and practical guidance on conducting ethnographic fieldwork in an easy-to-read and enjoyable style... He [Hy Mariampolski] is at his best when describing how to design and carry out ethnographic projects.  The stories he tells from his own market research practice make the text a rich learning experience for readers...Ethnography for Marketers: A Guide to Consumer Immersion is a welcome addition to qualitative market research bookshelves from a guru with a wealth of professional experience."    

Maryann McCabe
Cultural Connections LLC

"Mariampolski’s book is accessible without being simplistic, detailed without being intimidating and enthusiastic without tub-thumping. The book start with an outline of the history of ethnography (or, as the author puts it, its intellectual heritage), and goes on to explore both its power and range of applications. But the bulk of the book is a detailed exploration of the practicalities of the work, including design, recruitment, logistics, site visits, and interaction with respondents. Not surprisingly, particular emphasis is put on data collection, including mapping – looking at what Mariampolski describes as the social ecology of the home or workplace – diaries, audio and video recording, and the complexities and subtleties of observation, which seems such a simple task but maybe isn’t. All in all, this is a splendid do-it-yourself guide to ethnography for use in our neck of the research woods. The book will provide a useful background to what is perhaps an ideal form of investigation, getting closer to understanding what can never be possible with groups and depths. A useful counter-balance to the understandable trend towards off the shelf and perhaps over-simplistic research  studies, this book not only provides a guide to the ways and means of ethnography but will provide virtually everyone with new thoughts on the research we could do, and sometimes perhaps should do."

Michael Warren

"Ethnography for Marketers promises to establish itself as an important, practical handbook for anyone engaging or about to engage in this burgeoning sub-division of qualitative research. This book contains some theory but focuses much more on hands-on practice. The author must be praised for putting much practical wisdom into our hands. How-to research books are often long on procedure and short on interpretation. Not so with this book. Hints on analysis and developing sound answers for buyers are plentiful. The appendices are rich in material that can inspire and guide the budding ethnographer. Here the author seized the high ground: Mount Sinai, to be precise, from which he delivers the "Ten Commandments for Great Ethnography". It I were to add one, it would be- Go for it!"

Mark Lovell

"Mariampolski provides strategies and tips for conducting onsite marketing research into consumers' behaviors and lifestyles. This useful guide also includes information on the cultural and ethical aspects of conducting research and how to establish rapport with respondents."

P. G. Kishel
Cypress College

"The principal strength of this book is that it is well organized and forms an excellent primer for a person, who may have no previous background in the area, to get to know about what ethnography is, why it is useful, its genesis, how to use it in various situations, and the various do's and don'ts involved in using ethnography as a tool to gather and interpret date from consumers. The various chapters on setting up a piece of ethnographic research and executing it are especially good. It is a useful addition to the set of materials that are available to marketers for ethnographic research."

Arvind Sahay
Indian Institute of Management
The Journal of Business Perspective

"This book is clearly targeted at an audience comprising market research professionals who want to expand their repertoire of research methods, people working in research agencies, consultancies and client organizations. The book is excellent in its coverage of both the reasons behind the need to use ethnography and the 'how to' of the ethnographic process. . . . People being exposed to this method for the first time will appreciate the comprehensiveness of the book."

Manu Parashar

Nice overview of whole research process

Dr Amanda Moore
Anthropology , Chapman University System
November 6, 2015

Hyman M. Mariampolski

Hy Mariampolski is Managing Director of QualiData Research Inc. (, New York and San Francisco. Hy holds a Ph.D. from Purdue University and has held academic appointments at Indiana University, Kansas State University, Yeshiva University and Hunter College of the City University of New York. He has conducted qualitative market research studies for a wide range of clients such as Hallmark Cards, Citibank, KPMG, The Clorox Company, Avery-Dennison, Colgate-Palmolive, Motorola, Moen, Johnson + Johnson, J. Walter Thomson, Young and Rubicam, Moulinex, Cognac Hennessy and Nissan Motors. More About Author

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