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Essentials of Tourism

Essentials of Tourism

Third Edition
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October 2020 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Will robots take over serving us in hotels? Will flight shaming prevent us travelling in the future? How has the rise of social media impacted upon tourism marketing? – and what has been the impact of airbnb on tourism cities? For answers to these and many other contemporary tourism questions, simply turn to the third edition of Essentials of Tourism by Chris Cooper.

From artificial intelligence, robotics and digital marketing to assessing the impact of events, every tourism student will find this book essential reading for not only grasping the key issues but applying them to real problems faced by professionals in the tourism industry.

The book includes many new case studies from every continent around the world including cases to give you a truly global approach to how tourism theory can be applied in an international context.  This is combined with a lively and accessible writing style which will support and guide you through how tourism has been affected and will continue to be shaped by technology, changing government policy and sustainability concerns.

Key features of the new edition:
  • 'Focus on Technology' and 'Focus on Employment' boxes included in every chapter.
  • Three current case studies included in each chapter to bring context to the reader.
  • Classic papers - introduces students to relevant academic research and refers to the selected paper throughout the chapter.

Chapter 1 Tourism Essentials
Chapter 2 The Destination
Chapter 3 The Economic Consequences of Tourism
Chapter 4 The Environmental Consequences of Tourism
Chapter 5 The Social and Cultural Consequences of Tourism
Chapter 6 Sustainable Tourism
Chapter 7 Visitor Attractions and Events
Chapter 8 Hospitality
Chapter 9 Intermediaries
Chapter 10 Transport
Chapter 11 Government and Tourism
Chapter 12 Demand
Chapter 13 Tourism Marketing
Chapter 14 Tourism Futures


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The Essentials of Tourism by Chris Cooper is a must read for all tourism students and researchers. As an overview it addresses issues that have to do with demand for tourism, the tourism industry as well as the tourism destination. It supports tourism industry professionals to develop a comprehensive picture of the economic, environmental, cultural and social impacts of tourism. The book emphasises government policy and sustainability concerns whilst addressing market forces with cases from around the world. This will be a useful reference for all tourism researchers and students.

Professor Dimitrios Buhalis
Bournemouth University, UK

The third edition of Essentials of Tourism by Chris Cooper provides a timely update to a well-established text, that is widely respected for its clarity and expertise. It provides loads of interesting case studies and examples that will engage students.

Professor Noel Scott
University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia

Well structured and developed content that would be beneficial to students developing a more rounded view of the tourism environment

Mr Craig Andrew Busby
Business Law, City of Oxford College
January 28, 2022

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper is Professor in the School of Events, Tourism and Hospitality Management Leeds Beckett University in the UK. He gained his undergraduate degree and PhD in Geography from University College London. Chris has more than forty years experience in tourism and has worked as a researcher and teacher in every region of the world. He gained experience in tour operation working for Thomson Travel before returning to academic life. Chris was Co-Founder of Progress in Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation Research and the International Journal of Tourism Research and is now the Co-Editor of Current Issues In Tourism. He is a member of the... More About Author