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Essentials of Terrorism

Essentials of Terrorism
Concepts and Controversies

Second Edition
  • Gus Martin - California State University, Dominguez Hills, USA

March 2010 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
A briefer version of Martin's popular Understanding Terrorism 3rd Edition, Essentials of Terrorism: Concepts and Controversies, 2nd Edition is a concise resource for understanding the multifaceted subject of modern terrorism. The book is a foundational text that can be readily used in conjunction with other resources such as topical texts, specialized publications, journal articles, and readers.
1. Defining Terrorism
2. Historical Perspectives and Ideological Origins
3. Causes of Terrorist Violence
4. Terrorism by the State
5. Terrorism by Dissidents
6. Religious Terrorism
7. International Terrorism
8. Domestic Terrorism in the United States
9. Terrorist Violence and the Role of the Media
10. Tactics and Targets of Terrorists
11. Counterterrorism and the War on Terrorism
12. Future Trends and Projections
Appendix A: Map References
Appendix B: National Intelligence Estimate: The Terrorist Threat to the US Homeland
Appendix C: Historical Examples

Good resources for instructors and ppts.

Dr Yvette Aguiar
Security Management, TCI College
February 13, 2013

A comprehensive exploration of contemporary terrorism.

Miss Frances Jackson
Public Services, Peterborough Regional College
November 4, 2011

A well structured textbook, which includes chapters on topics other titles disregard (e.g. terrorism by the state). For adaption (at a German university) as essential reading, "Essentials of Terrorism" is somewhat missing the European perspective.

Mr Gregor Reisch
Research Unit Peace and Conflict Studies, Free University of Berlin
October 27, 2011

Another interesting text by Gus Martin which provides students with an indepth analysis of international terrorism. This would be an excellent read for students engaging in degree level study of terrorism issues.

Miss Laura Firth
Public Services, Runshaw College
August 10, 2011

I recommend this book and intend to incorporate it into my courses. It offers an engaging look on modern terrorism, explains basic concepts and provides students with many examples to illustrate trends, developments and scope of modern terror. The illustrations, photos and clear writing make it very accessible to students.

Professor Raphael Cohen-Almagor
Politics & International Studies Dept, Hull University
July 13, 2011

A thorough and in-depth analysis on all aspects related to terrorism, this book should be the first read by those studying this area as it covers all terrorist related topics in a gripping and understandable manner.

Dr David Lowe
School of Law, Liverpool John Moores University
June 2, 2011

Students really like this text - writing style is both interesting and informative.

Dr Lynn Newhart
Anthropology Sociology Dept, Rockford College
April 15, 2011

An excellent introductory text that covers a wide range of perspectives on the terrorist threat. Essential reading for my Organised Crime unit.

Dr Adrian James
Social Science , Portsmouth University
March 2, 2011

Good accurate work that enables students to extend their concepts of Terrorism and breaks them away from the confusion of journalistic accounts which only undermines sound research that is necessary for higher educational demands in this difficult area

Dr Mervyn Sinclair
E&I school of Human Sciences and Law, Buckinghamshire New University
October 18, 2010

I have foumd the text to be a clear and concise overview of the topic.

Mr Keith McIninch
Humanities Arts Social Sci Div, Camden County College
May 13, 2010

Sample Materials & Chapters

Ch 3. Causes of Terrorist Violence

Ch 6. Religious Terrorism

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Clarence "Gus" A. Martin

C. Augustus “Gus” Martin is a Professor of Criminal Justice Administration at California State University, Dominguez Hills, where he regularly teaches a course on the subject of terrorism and extremism. He has also served as Associate Vice President for Human Resources Management, Acting Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration and Public Policy, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs, and Chair of the Department of Public Administration & Public Policy. He began his academic career as a member of the faculty of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, where he was an... More About Author

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