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Essentials of Research Methods for Educators

Essentials of Research Methods for Educators

January 2024 | 760 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Essentials of Research Methods for Educators provides future teachers, specialists, administrators and educational leaders with a textbook and a resource that goes beyond the classroom to use in your career. With a focus on the wide variety of data available to educators and the importance of data literacy for all those involved in education, this book presents research methods in a relatable educational context with a variety of concrete examples. The authors use their expertise in educational psychology to optimize learning. The structure of the book breaks down research into discrete steps with the "Let's See It," "Let's Do It," and "You Do It" steps for each chapter so students feel motivated to complete their research projects. By covering qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research, with additional chapters on action research and program evaluation, students get a complete picture of the current research methods landscape. This highly scaffolded book supports future educational leaders in incorporating research and methods into their work and life.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Research
Chapter 2: Reviewing the Literature
Chapter 3: Research Design: The What, When, and How of Research
Chapter 4: Non-Experimental Research Designs
Chapter 5: Experimental Research Designs
Chapter 6: Qualitative Research Designs
Chapter 7: Mixed Methods Research Designs
Chapter 8: Action Research for Educators
Chapter 9: Program Evaluation
Chapter 10: Sampling and Measurement Learning Objectives
Chapter 11: Data Collection
Chapter 12: Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 13: Inferential Statistics
Chapter 14: Qualitative Analysis
Chapter 15: Communicating Research
Chapter 16: Using Research to Guide Practice


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Anastasia Kitsantas

Anastasia Kitsantas, PhD, is Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of the Office of Doctoral Studies in the College of Education and Human Development at George Mason University (GMU). She has also served as Director of the Educational Psychology, Research Methods, and Education Policy Division and as Academic Program Coordinator of the Educational Psychology Program. She received her PhD in Educational Psychology with a specialization in Development, Learning, and Instruction from the Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York. She has previously served on the faculties at James Madison University... More About Author

Timothy J. Cleary

Timothy J. Cleary is Professor and Chair of the Department of School Psychology in theGraduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP) at Rutgers, The StateUniversity of New Jersey. He obtained his PhD in Educational Psychology with a specializationin School Psychology from the Graduate School and University Center of the City University ofNew York, CUNY Graduate School in 2001. Dr. Cleary began his professional career working asa licensed school psychologist in the public and private sector. He began his academic career as aVisiting Professor at CUNY before serving as Assistant and Associate Professor at the Universityof... More About Author

Maria K. DiBenedetto

Dr. Maria K. DiBenedetto holds a doctorate in Educational Psychology with a specializationin Learning, Development, and Instruction from the Graduate School and University Centerof the City University of New York. She has a rich history in working in various administrativepositions in higher education, including admissions, recruitment, advisement, student services,assessment, and reaccreditation, as well as adjunct teaching of both undergraduate and graduatestudents (courses include research methods, educational psychology, counseling psychology,child and adolescent development, theories of learning in teaching, and management). She... More About Author

Suzanne E. Hiller

Suzanne E. Hiller, PhD, has worked in the field of education as a practitioner, professor, researcher, and evaluator for over three decades. Notably, she was the Teacher Naturalist with the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History. She has served as an assistant professor teaching educational psychology, program evaluation, research, and preservice teacher courses in curriculum and assessment. While affiliated with Wingate University, she was the Director of the Graduate Education Program and the Director of Multidisciplinary Studies in Education with Hood College. Currently, she is the Executive Director of the Blue... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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