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Essentials of Business Research

Essentials of Business Research
A Guide to Doing Your Research Project

Second Edition
  • Jonathan Wilson - Associate Professor in Marketing and Business Research, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia
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January 2014 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written specifically for business students, this best-selling, jargon-free textbook highlights each stage of the research process, guiding the reader through actionable steps and explicitly setting out how best to meet a supervisor's expectations.

Easy to navigate and full of practical advice, it shows you how to choose a topic and write a proposal, with easy to follow tips and detailed screenshots and diagrams.

Key student features include:

  • 'You're the Supervisor' sections - helps students to meet learning objectives
  • 'Common questions and answers' - real-world advice on how to tackle common challenges
  • Examples from different types of international businesses
  • Detailed guidance on software packages such as SPSS
  • Student case studies
  • Annotated further reading

Accompanied by a fully integrated companion website designed to support learning. Free to access, it includes author podcasts, guides to online tools, links to downloadable journal articles, examples of completed projects, PowerPoint slides and students' multiple choice questions to test progress.

A must-have title for all business and management students; this is the ideal companion for achieving success in your research project.

1. An Introduction to Business Research
2. Developing a Research Topic
3. Conducting a Literature Review
4. Addressing Ethical Issues
5. Establishing a Research Design
6. Primary Data Collection
7. Using Secondary Data
8. Sampling
9. Analyzing Quantitative Data
10. Analyzing Qualitative Data
11. Writing up and Presenting Your Research


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For Instructors:

PowerPoint Slides

For Students:

Author Videos
Journal Articles
Multiple Choice Questions
Example Dissertations

Fairly good guide, thanks.

Professor Ewald Mittelstaedt
Engineering and Business Managment, South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences
December 29, 2014

Useful support resources for PG students undertaking their first research

Dr Stephen Castle
Fac of Business,Environment & Society, Coventry University
December 15, 2014

This books provides useful information to help students understand the different aspects of research methods. Easy to understand but at the same time suitable for those studying at postgraduate level.

Mrs Anita McGowan
Humanities , Croydon College
December 10, 2014

This is a very accessible text that will be welcomed by undergraduate and postgraduates alike. This will help the student to see what they're doing from the supervisor's point of view and enable them to have valuable points of reference.

Mr Benny Sweeney
Business School (Hamilton), University of the West of Scotland
November 11, 2014

Simply the BEST Business Research Textbook available

Mr Zedias Mutema
Business Administration , South Essex College
October 14, 2014

Useful text for undergraduate dissertation students - simple presentation and easy to read with useful examples

Dr Stacey Bushfield
School of Accounting & Finance, Dundee University
October 2, 2014

A good, alternative text to our core text. We like students to select extra reading from other authors

Ms Lise Georgeson
Dept of Management Studies, St Mary's University, Twickenham
September 26, 2014

Easily readable and uses accessible language. Does not deter students!

Dr Valerie Caven
Human Resource Management, Nottingham Trent University
August 12, 2014

A well written book outlining contemporary research methods.

Mr Michael Parsons
Faculty of Business and Society, University of South Wales
July 12, 2014

Well written text book, I have recomended this book for my Post grad students as well, it is very well written and well laid out.

Mr Ioannis Dermitzakis
Business School, Peterborough Regional College
May 30, 2014

Jonathan Wilson

Dr Jonathan Wilson BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, MSc, DipM, FCIM, MPhil, PhD is Associate Professor in Marketing and Business Research, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an experienced lecturer in research methods, and has supervised many undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. More About Author