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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Nursing Associates

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for Nursing Associates

First edition

March 2024 | 136 pages | Learning Matters

Nursing Associates work in a culturally diverse world and care for people with a variety of backgrounds, identities and beliefs. This book introduces you to the key principles of equity, diversity and inclusion that you need to follow in order to challenge poor practice and provide excellent person-centred care. Covering important topics such as unconscious bias, legal requirements and professional standards, this book will guide you through applying what you’ve learnt and maintaining EDI principles within your career.

Key features

  • Fully mapped to the NMC Standards of Proficiency for Nursing Associates (2018)
  • Explains the key legal, professional and ethical EDI standards you need to understand in order to provide excellent person-centred care to a diverse range of patients
  • Case studies and activities encourage self-reflection and illustrate what EDI looks across different healthcare settings
  • Written specifically to address the unique experiences, challenges and requirements of the nursing associate role
Chapter 1: Professional standards
Chapter 2: Legal requirements
Chapter 3: Exploring unconscious bias
Chapter 4: Exploring diversity
Chapter 5: Exploring inclusion
Chapter 6: Exploring equity and equality
Chapter 7: Delivering person centred care
Chapter 8: Application of EDI to practice

Developing the Nursing Associate Programme at the moment and looking at all resources to support the modules.

Mr Mark Thomas Lees
Faculty of Health Sciences & Sport , Stirling University
May 29, 2024

Sample Materials & Chapters

Sample Chapter

Jacqueline Chang

Jacqueline Chang qualified as a registered nurse in 2001. She has worked in a variety of settings including cardiac care, oncology, community nursing and palliative care. As well as a BSc in Adult Nursing Jacqueline has a MA in Medical Ethics and Law which led her into nurse education in 2010. Jacqueline became a NMC recognised teacher in 2012 and has been proud to be involved in teaching and leading nursing associate courses since 2017.  More About Author

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