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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
New Directions for the Twenty-First Century

Ninth Edition
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Environmental Public Policy

April 2015 | 448 pages | CQ Press
Authoritative and trusted, Environmental Policy convenes top scholars to evaluate the impact of past environmental policy while anticipating its future implications, helping students decipher the underlying trends, institutional constraints, and policy dilemmas that shape environmental politics. The Ninth Edition offers coverage of the latest issues, including the energy and natural resource policy dilemmas, sustainable cities, and the environmental impact of food production and consumption.  A new concluding chapter ties the contributing chapters together with an assessment of the remaining environmental policy challenges for the 21st century.
Part I: Environmental Policy and Politics in Transition
Michael E. Kraft and Norman J. Vig
Chapter 1: U.S. Environmental Policy: Achievements and New Directions
Barry G. Rabe
Chapter 2: Racing to the Top, the Bottom, or the Middle of the Pack? The Evolving State Government Role in Environmental Protection
Matthew C. Nisbet
Chapter 3: Environmental Advocacy in the Obama Years: Assessing New Strategies for Political Change
Part II: Federal Institutions and Policy Change
Norman J. Vig
Chapter 4: Presidential Powers and Environmental Policy
Michael E. Kraft
Chapter 5: Environmental Policy in Congress
Rosemary O’Leary
Chapter 6: Environmental Policy in the Courts
Richard N. L. Andrews
Chapter 7: The Environmental Protection Agency
Part III: Public Policy Dilemmas
Edward P. Weber, David Bernell, and Hilary S. Boudet
Chapter 8: Energy Policy: Fracking, Renewables, and the Keystone XL Pipeline
Christopher J. Bosso and Nicole E. Tichenor
Chapter 9: Eating and the Environment: Ecological Impacts of Food Production
Sheila M. Olmstead
Chapter 10: Applying Market Principles to Environmental Policy
Daniel Press and Daniel A. Mazmanian
Chapter 11: Toward Sustainable Production: Finding Workable Strategies for Government and Industry
Kent E. Portney
Chapter 12: Taking Sustainable Cities Seriously: What Cities Are Doing
Part IV: Global Issues and Controversies
Henrik Selin and Stacy D. VanDeveer
Chapter 13: Global Climate Change Governance: The Long Road to Paris
Richard J. Tobin
Chapter 14: Environment, Population, and the Developing World
Kelly Sims Gallagher and Joanna I. Lewis
Chapter 15: China’s Quest for a Green Economy
Part V: Conclusion
Norman J. Vig and Michael E. Kraft
Chapter 16: Conclusion: Future Environmental Challenges and Solutions

“I really enjoy using this book. The strengths are that it covers a wide variety of environmental policy issues, incorporating examples accessible to the students and theory from the academic literature. My students have only positive things to say about it.”

Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo
University of Kentucky

“[Environmental Policy] is an excellent collection and I plan on continuing to use it. The chapters are very well done and the topics addressed are relevant and timely. The quality is very high and presentation is outstanding.”

Daniel Fiorino
American University

“The authors are very thorough in their use of primary source data and they make such data, especially websites, readily available.”

Jeff W. Justice
Tarleton State University

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Norman J. Vig

Norman J. Vig is the Winifred and Atherton Bean Professor of Science, Technology,and Society emeritus at Carleton College. He has written extensively on environmentalpolicy, science and technology policy, and comparative politics and is coeditorwith Michael G. Faure of Green Giants? Environmental Policies of the United Statesand the European Union (MIT Press, 2004) and with Regina S. Axelrod and DavidLeonard Downie of The Global Environment: Institutions, Law, and Policy, 2nd ed.(CQ Press, 2005). More About Author

Michael E. Kraft

Michael E. Kraft is professor emeritus of political scienceand public affairs at the University of Wisconsin–GreenBay. He is the author of, among other works, EnvironmentalPolicy and Politics, 8th ed. (2022), and coauthor ofComing Clean: Information Disclosure and EnvironmentalPerformance (2011), with Mark Stephan and Troy D. Abel.In addition, he is the coeditor of Environmental Policy:New Directions in the 21st Century, 12th ed. (2025), withBarry G. Rabe and Norman J. Vig; Toward SustainableCommunities: Transition and Transformations in Environmental Policy, 2nd ed. (2009), withDaniel A. Mazmanian; and Business and Environmental Policy:... More About Author

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